London Assembly and Mayoral elections 2020

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  • They really wouldn’t.

  • 4 more years of Khanage!!


    He says his great-grandfather was Private John Lynn VC. There is only
    one Victoria Cross winner called John Lynn. He died in 1915, aged 27,
    and as far as I can tell he was engaged to be married but didn’t have

  • But there aren't 2m miles of tunnels under London. No idea where he got that from, it's total bollocks.

    Maybe he skim-read the Wikipedia article, where it says that London's been occupied by humans for two millennia? Easy mistake to make, come on, give a guy a break. It's not as if a candidate for Mayor of London actually needs to know anything about the city.­an_London

  • From a web-site I won't link to:

    UKIP has committed to winning the nominative determinism prize of the year by selecting Dr Peter Gammons to fight their 2021 London mayoral campaign. Dr Gammons’s ‘doctorate’ comes from Canon University, Florida, an establishment that is not governed by the US Department of Education and gives out ‘PhD’s after a maximum of 126 hours of work. His website claims Dr Gammons has healed a Nepalese man of lung cancer, restored deaf people’s hearing, and completely healed a wheelchair bound sufferer of multiple sclerosis – all through prayer.

  • I give him till Christmas. Nobody can invent degrees AND hero grandfathers and get away with it.

  • You're clearly forgetting about the power of prayer.

  • I am trying to visualise 2 million miles of tunnels. Let’s say that each was a couple of metres wide. They would go round the earth at the equator 50 times.

    But London is not 40,000km wide but, at it widest maybe 100km and so instead of 50x 2 metres the width of the tunnels if placed along side each other would be 400,000 m x 50 x 2 or 40,000,000 metres or 40,000km.

    Now of course tunnels can sit one on top of another but that would effectively create on rather large hole many many metres deep under the surface of London.

    No. I can’t visualise itn

  • My sums probably went wrong somewhere

  • My sums probably went wrong somewhere

    I suspect they're more accurate than the ones that came up with two million miles. I just googled that there's estimated to be 246,700 miles of maintained roads in the whole UK. Two millions miles seems like an unnecessarily wild exaggeration.

    I can't imagine how many exits there would have to be to make that total length worthwhile? Surely like one per half mile or something? Or the massive infrastructure needed to ventilate them all when they were at their operating peak.

  • About Dr. Peter Gammons
    Dr Peter Gammons is one of the world’s most famous and in-demand Inspirational and Motivational speakers. It is historically documented that he has spoken to larger crowds that any other person in history, with crowds of up to 4 million people in a single rally.

    Over the years he has become a friend and adviser to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty, Celebrities and World Leaders.

    Peter has spoken to around 100 million people at conferences and events held in almost every country in the world, many held in football stadiums and some of the world’s largest sports arenas.

    Conference themes include: ‘The Secrets of Success, Health and Happiness,’; ‘How To Create Your Dream World’ and Peter’s 15-part ‘School of Success’.

    As well as being a regular guest on talk shows, his own daily and Prime-Time television broadcasts have been carried on over 1700 stations worldwide, with a global audience estimated at around 2 billion. He has also hosted several popular radio programmes. Peter is especially known for his use of humour to illustrate points.

    An award-winning and Best-Selling Author, he has written numerous books, with millions of copies in print. His books have been translated into many other languages including Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Hebrew, Slovakian and Japanese.

    Dr Gammons has earned BA, MA and D Min. degrees from Presbyterian Faith Theological Seminary and a PhD from Canon University, Florida. In 1996 he founded Westward College, Cambridge.

    Loads more lols here -

  • Historically documented to have spoken to larger crowds than anyone else in history.

    Did he do a speech at Trump's inauguration?

  • The tory boner for home ownership is so intense

  • Who the in name of Satan is BrianForMayor?
    From his manifesto and video he’s attempting to be all things to all people while at the same time coming across as a raging neocon and def very iffy all round. He’s American as well which shouldn’t make any difference but there’s something that doesn’t add up when you hear what he has to say.
    Partner(who works for the City and generally has a good handle of London politics) had never heard of him but he’s obvs put a fair whack into online ads lately.

  • You mention Satan; I’m sure Brian covered the horned one in his interview with David Icke last year....­ondon-real-brian-rose-digital-freedom-co­ronavirus

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London Assembly and Mayoral elections 2020

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