• Hey,

    I've recently purchased a Dolan Pre Cursa frame and in my naivety I thought the forks I already owned would fit. I own a pair of carbon fibre, alloy steerer forks from a Boardman Bike that have a steerer that looks like:

    Is the, what looks like a spacer, normal at the base of the steerer? Can anyone recommend a headset I can use?


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  • I’ve used a Chris King 1 1/8 crown race which fits the 1 1/2 lower headset cup and bearing.
    I’ve done tapered forks which have been sitting in the garage. They’re a few years old but in good condition. if you want me to pm some pics let me know.

  • So are the forks pictured not considered 'tapered'? I was hoping to be able to fit these forks into my new frame (Dolan Pre Cursa). I believe the frame usually takes a 1 1/8 steerer with a 36/45 headset but I'm unsure whether my forks will fit into that headset.


  • Thats the crown race isn't it? Part of the headset really but presses onto the bottom of the steerer of the fork.

    What headset are you going to use with your precursa? It should come with a crown race. You'll likely need to remove that one, and put a new one on. Google is your friend for this type of fun.

  • You are correct, I thought it was permanently attached to the fork but a little prising with a knife and it came straight off.

    I'm guessing that my forks are in fact straight 1 1/8 and that I can use the recommended headset from Dolan? The Alpina 36/45 which is on their website.

  • Yep. You can pick that headset up very slightly cheaper on ebay too...


  • Thanks! I've ordered one.

  • Hi all. Kinda related but different. I have just fitted these forks to my pre-curse and all seems ok except the gap between the bottom of the headtube and the top of the forks.

    I used the crown race that was already installed on the forks which looks a bit different to the crown race that came with the headset.

    Could this be the issue, or is this fine to ride?

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  • If the crown race is the same angle as your bearings, you'll be fine.

  • Have the same tusk forks and yes, they don't fit flush to the frame like the Alpinas do, from what I remember when fitting (now running Alpina fork).

  • Crown race looks hella chunky from that first photo. If the one that came with the headset is lower profile then everything might sit a bit nicer.

  • Yeah, crown race that came with it is a little lower.
    Not sure I can face the swearfest that is changing the race if it isn’t needed...

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Headset advice, 1 1/2 - 1 1/8 forks in a Dolan Pre Cursa

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