Cycle Training UK to close

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  • Cycle Training UK to close

    After 20 years Cycle Training UK is parking its bike for the last time

    After 20 years, Cycle Training UK (CTUK) is to cease training at the end of October.

    Earlier in the summer it became apparent that there would not be enough large contract work to see CTUK through the quieter winter months. This would be fine if CTUK operated like many of its fellow cycle training providers and only used freelancers, paying on a gig by gig basis. But for over ten years CTUK, a not for profit workers’ cooperative, has employed its instructors, paying them a monthly salary. This Autumn, there’s just not enough cash in the bank and winter work to guarantee everyone’s salaries for the next six months. Consequently CTUK has this week issued Redundancy Notices to all employees.

    For the last few weeks the Directors have been consulting with instructors exploring all options to keep CTUK functioning. A viable solution to the financial situation has not been found so it’s been decided it’s time to stop.

    Thanks to the support of Ealing Borough Council, all the Bikeability courses for this current half term will be completed. Other training and Dr Bike events will continue until late October.

    David Dansky commented, “we’ve come a long way in 20 years. Our aim was to create good realistic cycle training for everyone. Today that’s being done across the UK by the thousands of instructors we have trained and guided. It just won’t be us delivering it in future.”

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  • This is really sad news. I've always thought the world was inherently good because CTUK and ventures like it existed, treated their staff well and performed an obviously good thing.

    David, your work has always been impressive, I know you wouldn't choose to do this if there were viable options out there. You should feel immensely proud of all that you contributed to cycling and that many more people cycle because of the work CTUK did.

  • David, I'm so sorry to read this. I was mentored by and had lovely working relationships with lots of CTUK members. I also ceased being a freelancer because it was so hard to scrape a living during quieter times so I appreciated not only your extensive work but the very existence of a worker's co-op in our field. Wishing you and everyone else at CTUK the best for the future.

  • Thanks Jess and David!

    You will hear more from me and my CTUK colleagues.
    We are still passionate about changing the world, one more cycle, and one less car at a time.

  • This is such a shame. A loss really.
    I do remember at the beginning laughing at 'cycle training' as it was for amateurs and people should just 'go for it'.
    Little did I know at the time the immense value it was to people, and how it could change scope, mentality, skillset, and provide such a positive outlook for a more cycle centric society.
    I now see how wrong I was, and hope you and your colleagues will find another outlet to let you keep kicking ass.

  • Yes, it is sad.

    I trained with CTUK and they had a lot of good, experienced instructors.

    Can't say it surprises me as councils suffer repeated budget cuts so fluffy things like decent working conditions are simply unaffordable. I never worked for CTUK but I think it's definitely to the detriment of the industry that it's no longer around - it seems like it's all moving towards one type of provider and I don't think that's positive.

    Hopefully there are some future plans?

  • David; there's a lot I could say about CTUK and I might, later, when the laudenum kicks in. But training with CTUK changed my life, in some ways for the better.
    I was just saying to a colleague today that the new instructors I meet who have been trained by CTUK are better prepared than ones trained by other providers. Of course there are exceptions (^,ahem).
    But, David, thanks, all joking apart. I hope you all will be able to put your skills to use in the future.
    The giant vampire squid of cycle training must be licking its lips tonight.

  • Hopefully there are some future plans?

    For some of ctuk projects, yes. We're recommending other charities and not for profit organisations to pick up some of our current projects.

  • Cheers Will. (Looking forward to the post laudenum thoughts)

    I think CTUK changed many of our lives in all sorts of ways. Definitely mine. (and @dancing james

    The contribution of many towards a common goal is more empowering than a single visionary. Though Sim Bamford, ctuk founder was quite a genius.

    I can't comment about the vampire squid

  • If you're going to @reply me I'm going to bed.

  • Ooops. Sorry. I forgot.
    A lot going on at the moment

  • Full time brewing @skydancer ?

  • That's one of the options.
    Currently have a new batch of light ale fermenting with this year's just picked hops.

    Give it a week or so then pop round for a couple of wormwood ales latest

  • New Wests venue?

  • More like I'll contribute a few bottles to the November Wests when @mespilus provides the meddlars...

  • Dave sorry to hear that the bike world has changed a lot in the last 20 years for the better mostly and CTUK has been a big part of that good luck to you all wherever you end up.

  • I have had some tremendous times at CTUK. It’s been a place where I was given a chance to grow and develop and gave me the confidence to become a trainer in other disciplines too.

    Seeing other people gain life skills in cycling has been wonderful. Making grown men cry and being paid for it (when their child has just ridden their bike for the first time) was brilliant.

    Having lorry drivers turn up for CPC training uttering how “all cyclists are cunts” and me thinking “I don’t believe I have met you before but you obviously know me” but at the end of 3.5 hours they have gained empathy for cyclists and other VRUs has been very rewarding.
    Training, mentoring and getting kids excluded from mainstream education through a professional qualification.

    At times there have been challenges but I will look back on my days in an orange tabard with huge affection. I will miss working with @ffm @skydancer and others. CTUK has made me clear that I wish to continue working in areas that have a benefit for people.

    A huge thanks to CTUK

  • A right shame, especially that London contracts have gone predominantly to another company. Thanks to all at CTUK for their excellent work over the years. I look forward to hearing what's next!

  • I guess after @WillMelling didn't accept any cake the entire place just folded.

  • This news left me wordlessly sad, not just because I have met with & enjoyed the company of @skydancer through Wests Beers.
    CTUK had become part of the landscape, and is precisely the sort of activity that local authorities should be investing in, due to the demonstrable payback.
    You and CTUK can take some solace in the knowledge that you have set up a wedge (of improved cycling skills and appreciation of cyclists needs), that will continue to expand far into the future.

  • Thanks for all your kind words.
    One thing that has come out of this is learning how to wind up a cooperative ethically and with dignity. Within the cooperative community this is almost a taboo subject. Some of us at CTUK will be documenting why and how we did this.

    Another real issue concerning coops and other not for profit organisations is how to compete, as a company that treats work's well, in an environment that seems to race to the bottom in this respect. Some of us are looking into how to share our lessons with other such organisation withing our sector.

  • Sorry to read this @skydancer. I remember meeting you as the face of ctuk in 2008 in a basement meeting room in Coventry, care of Tony. I was new to instructing & you added another level to what i'd just learned. You also had a sweet fixie with you that day.

    Oddly what sticks with me most is your method for learning everyone's name in the group. I stole & still use this a decade later, royalties owed.

    Your classroom resources, 'crazy bikes' 'the right bike' etc all were brilliant for use in bikeit schools, especially the history one when the study topic was Victorians. More royalties owed...

    All the best for the future.

  • Dang ! Very sad news. Thank you for the difference you have made to so many people's lives.

  • As someone who works for a small cycling-related events company, paying all your staff a contracted wage for any length of time is a mighty impressive achievement, and to keep it going for 10 years is amazing. Very honorable to decided to wind up with dignity rather than cause potential chaos down the line also.

    I don't think I've ever met you in a professional capacity but its always been a pleasure riding with you, best luck for the future and whatever it holds!

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Cycle Training UK to close

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