League XI - Fixtures and results

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  • We're gonna play at Mitch. Meet at 1045, kickoff 1100 latest. Breakfast for refs! (and I don't mean beers, though there will be beers as well)

  • Know it's last minute but are there any teams that want to play me, D and Laura tomorrow at newt? Already playing clerks but want to get as many games in as possible before I move to bristol. @Vangelis.Pipis @bsb @cgg? How about it?

  • Also Mya is gonna sub for us on Thursday. Tried to find a non-league player but have been unable, hope this is cool @Chuckles

  • Vangelis is a maybe but bsb and I are game. We’ll find out tomorrow!

  • sweet let me know. kick off is 7 so could play at 8

  • me ref


    Frax is unwell. Playing at 6ish at Newt!!

    Pints on us afterwards.

  • you can sub with league players now I believe. I will be there and can just play in goal if y'all get desperate.

    Otherwise me ref

  • That's great Emmet. Thanks!

  • Showtime vs Bad Fam this saturday 10am!
    Showtime vs Eiffel Over this saturday at 10.45!


    Come for breakfast bevs xxx

  • And I thought it would be hard to get people there for 1045!

  • Is there gonna be anyone there who can do rad facepaint? Would ref for spookiness.

  • Dany Majard of Golem/Prague bike polo fame has moved to London, maybe hit him up out you need a sub!

  • Game showtime vs bad fam

    Game 1
    showtime 4 - bad fam 1

    3 goals tapeworm
    1 goal Adam

    1 goal Charlie

    Game 2
    Showtime 4 - bad fam 1

    2 OG Charlie
    1 OG mya
    1 OG greg

    1 goal Mya

  • Scored 5 but still lost! Unlucky!

    Game 2
    Showtime 4 - bad fam 1

    2 OG Charlie
    1 OG mya
    1 OG greg

    1 goal Mya

  • Results for clerksway vs big shawwty

    1st game 3-2 to big shawwty

    Danielle 2 goals
    Robbie 1 goal

    Phil 1 goal
    Jimmy 1 goal

    2nd game as above.
    Exact same outcome, same scorers.

  • Results for big shawwty vs Eiffel over.

    1st game 4-2 to big shawwty
    Robbie 3 goals
    Danielle 1 goal

    Vangelis 1 goal
    Clement 1 goal

    2nd game 4-0 to big shawwty
    Robbie 2 goals
    Danielle 2 goals

  • Results for Millennial falcon vs Biggie shorty

    Game 1 1-1
    Cam 1
    Danielle 1

    Game 2 2-1 to biggie shorty
    Cam 1
    Laura 1
    Robbie 1

  • Sorry @Robbadobdob just saw this. The rule is in the OP. And pasted below...

    Only one sub is allowed per game. (1) A substitute should normally be of equal or lesser skill than the person being substituted for. (2) League players are normally ineligible to sub for another team, but may be used in exceptional circumstances. The opposing team must approve any sub based on the foregoing two points. The M-Comm (or, on short notice, the game ref) will arbitrate if necessary.

    A team using a sub will normally be eligible only for 2.5 points for a win, subject to the discretion of the M-Comm.

  • Double header tomorrow (Tues) at Newt.

    Pigeons v Corbyn
    Pigeons v Biggie Shorty

  • What times kick-off? Also corbyn are you up for playing us?

  • We're also playing Corbyn :)

  • A triple header...?!? You lot are blowing my mind right now!! Awesome stuff, will be down to drink bourbon and whisper encouraging slogans as you ride past. X

  • Haha.

    We need to get started by 7pm at the latest. I'm aiming to get there by 6:30.

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League XI - Fixtures and results

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