League XI - Fixtures and results

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  • Pigeons ftw

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  • Thanks for reffin Charlie and Mya. Thanks for the games Clarks xx

    Looking forward to Summer polo goodtimes ++

  • Pigeons ftw


  • Imgur
    Bad Fam v Eiffe(k) Over

    Game 1: Bad Fam 4 - 7 Eiffe(k) Over
    Charie 2
    Mya 2
    Vangelis 3
    Basile 3
    Ziemek 1

    Game 2: Bad Fam 1 - 6 Eiffe(k) Over
    Charlie 1
    Charlie 1 (OG)
    Basile 4
    Vangelis 1

  • We need a sub for Frax tomorrow evening at Newt!

    Anyone available?

  • 1st game: Falcon 4 - Corbyn 0
    Cam x 4

    2nd game Corbyn 2 - Falcon 3

    The second game was pretty much Corbyn till the last goal in at 3 minutes, well played, well played!

  • Who were flex and Vango playing for?

  • Flex subbed for Frax (How apt!) Vango for Jakub!

  • Il sub if neef

  • League table updated. Waiting for Max to sort.

  • We are missing some results to update table.

    Have these games been played?

    Bad fam Vs clerksway
    Millennial falcon Vs clerksway

  • Clerks V Badfam
    Game 1: 4-2
    Vit 1
    Phil 1
    Jimmy 2

    Mya 1
    Greg 1

    Game 2: 2-5
    Mya 1
    Greg 2
    X 1
    Charlie 1

    Jimmy 2

  • Clerksway took to hit of a forfeit against MF

  • I don't care that much about point scoring tbh, but I don't recall a conversation about this and think that's a bit cheeky. Especially considering their availability this season. You might get a more passionate answer out of my teammates but I doubt it.

  • I thought we were gonna reschedule after that though? Since Chukker gave us til the end of league. Would've been nice to have a discussion about the fact that that date was the only one your team could agree to out or a lot of dates and we were already overdue, but like I said, not a huge deal to us/the spreadsheet isn't why I play urban hammer ball.

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League XI - Fixtures and results

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