League XI - Fixtures and results

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  • Arrange and announce games, talk shit and make bets on this thread. The teams and link to the league table are in this post. Rounds and fixtures are listed in post #2.

    Spectators, hecklers, beer drinkers encouraged at all games.

    League format
    Teams have three players each. Matches consist of two 15-minute halves, with a two minute break in between. Points: Win=3, draw=1, lose=0. Ruleset: NAH

    Only one sub is allowed per game. (1) A substitute should normally be of equal or lesser skill than the person being substituted for. (2) League players are normally ineligible to sub for another team, but may be used in exceptional circumstances. The opposing team must approve any sub based on the foregoing two points. The M-Comm (or, on short notice, the game ref) will arbitrate if necessary.

    A team using a sub will normally be eligible only for 2.5 points for a win, subject to the discretion of the M-Comm.


    1. MMMbop (Plumber, Josh, Max)
    2. Voice of the Pigeons (Beagle, Emmet, Chukker)
    3. Eiffel Over (Basile, Clément, Vangelis)
    4. Bad Fam (Evil Greg, Charlie, Mya)
    5. Show Time (Jess, Adam, Tapeworm)
    6. Clerk Sway (Phil, Vit, Jimmy)
    7. Biggie Shorty (Danielle, Laura, Robbie)
    8. Millenial Falcon (Cam, Tim, Frax)
    9. CorbynForPresident? (Lex, Jakub, Ziemek)

    League Table

  • Scheduled and overdue fixtures are in bold.

    Round 1. Oct 1 – Oct 31
    Bad Fam - MMMbop 0-2
    Clerk Sway - CorbynForPresident? 2-0
    (bye) - Voice of the Pigeons
    Show Time - Eiffel Over 2-0
    Millenial Falcon - Biggie Shorty 0-1-1 (draw)

    Bad Fam - Show Time 0-2
    Millenial Falcon - (bye)
    Biggie Shorty - Clerk Sway 2-0
    Eiffel Over - MMMbop 0-2
    Voice of the Pigeons - CorbynForPresident? 2-0

    Round 2. Nov 7 - Dec 6
    Bad Fam - Biggie Shorty 0-2
    Eiffel Down - Millenial Falcon 0-2
    Voice of the Pigeons - Show Time 2-0
    CorbynForPresident? - (bye)
    MMMbop - Clerk Sway 2-0

    Bad Fam - CorbynForPresident? 1-0-1 (draw)
    MMMbop - Voice of the Pigeons 0-2
    Clerk Sway - Eiffel Down: 2-0
    (bye) - Biggie Shorty
    Show Time - Millenial Falcon: 2-0

    Round 3. Jan 5 - Feb 4
    Bad Fam - (bye)
    Show Time - Clerk Sway: 2-0
    Millenial Falcon - MMMbop: 2-0
    Biggie Shorty - CorbynForPresident? 2-0
    Eiffel Down - Voice of the Pigeons 0-2

    Bad Fam - Voice of the Pigeons 0-2
    CorbynForPresident? - Eiffel Down 1-1
    MMMbop - Biggie Shorty 2-0
    Clerk Sway - Millenial Falcon: OVERDUE
    (bye) - Show Time

    Rounds 4 & 5. Mar 6 – Apr 21
    Bad Fam - Millenial Falcon: 0-2
    Biggie Shorty - Show Time 1-1
    Eiffel Down - (bye)
    Voice of the Pigeons - Clerk Sway: 2-0
    CorbynForPresident? - MMMbop

    Millenial Falcon - Voice of the Pigeons 0-1-1 (draw)
    Biggie Shorty - Eiffel Down 2-1
    Bad Fam - Clerk Sway: 22 May, Newt, 7:30pm
    (bye) - MMMbop
    Show Time - CorbynForPresident?

    Bad Fam - Eiffel Down: 0-2
    Voice of the Pigeons - Biggie Shorty 1-0-1 (draw)
    CorbynForPresident? - Millenial Falcon
    MMMbop - Show Time
    Clerk Sway - (bye)

  • Nice!

    (I think Eiffel Down is in fact Eiffel Over)

  • Meep Meep v Eiffel on the ground and hurt my knee


    Meep Meep v BadFâm

    Mon 8th October 7pm kick off Newington

    Be there or be square!

    Refs and people shouting abuse encouraged

  • Meep Meep is also trying to organise a double headed with badfám for the same evening as Josh is coming down during the week and we wanna kick off the league with a bang!

    If the massive thinks this will take away to much throw in time we can organise the 2nd game for another day.

    Thanks for your cooperation. I wish you all a very elegant day. X

  • I’m game for the 8th of October!

  • Cool, I'll be there. Can keep time or goal ref.

  • The reffing is all volunteer and we ask every league player to do their fair share. Ideally, each game will have a ref, a time keeper and two goal refs. The time keep also records the scorers and score times. If they are motivated they can provide a writeup but the goal scorers is most important.

    If each player brings a ref beer, there should be enough for each ref to get one free beer.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

  • I'm up for reffing on Monday

  • Yup up for it too!

  • Best.Goal.Ever= @cafafox ! :D

  • Results And scorers for last Monday?

  • Soz will do tonight.

  • Less than two weeks to finish this round. Games should be played by the 29th, but if that is can't happen they must be scheduled by the 29th. If not, forfeits will be enforced.

    Pigeons v Corbyn
    Tues 30 Oct
    Location TBD

  • The Beagle Room

  • Better bring condoms, lube, clean syringes, bandages.

  • Eiffel Over vs MMMbop 0-2

    Game 1: 0-8

    Josh 1.45
    Josh 5
    Plumber 8
    Josh 9.30
    Max 12.20
    Plumber 13.40
    Josh 14.45

    Game 2: 1-6

    Vangelis 8.20

    Max 4
    Josh 6.30
    Josh 9
    Josh 10
    Josh 11
    Plumber 13

    The scores do not reflect how close these games were. Eiffel Over had possession most of the game but Josh kept getting lucky.

    MMMbop vs Bad Fam 2-0

    Game 1: 7-1

    Plumber 0.45
    Josh 3
    Max 4
    Max 9.20
    Og 10
    Josh 14.3
    Josh 14.45

    Greg 14

    Game 2: 4-1

    Josh 2.20
    Josh 4.30
    Og 14
    Plumber 14.3

    Charlie 6.40

    The second game was tight almost until the end. Bad Fam started playing a really good team game, but again Josh got two super lucky goals.

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  • [Beagle winky]

  • Biggie shorty vs clerks sway set for Wednesday at newt
    Biggie shorty vs millennial falcon Thursday pending sub
    @Chuckles what was the decided rule in the end?

  • Also Eiffel Over vs Show Time on the 27th in the morning.

  • Is there a list of non-playing subs?

  • @cgg where you plaing?

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League XI - Fixtures and results

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