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  • Can we close this thread now?

    "Same goes for anyone else reading the thread. Instagram has 'call' button."

    Probably the most commendable thing said on here so far. The chap has completely opened up a channel for dialogue about his views and his business practices. Perhaps those who do feel strongly enough to want to destroy another's business or think it's funny that a person had a rock through their window can talk to this chap over the phone and resolve their greviouses there.

    Let's all put the pitchforks down and go home. I can't imagine this thread is doing anymore than feeding him publicity, solidifying political views and emboldeneding those who are of the hard right (fucking leftie lynch mob etc).

    However, feel free to continue though, I'm just salty because I'm out of popcorn.

  • Hey @Big_Sally - why are you calling my mate's wife a swomp (sic) donkey? Aside from being empirically untrue, that's surely one of those ad-hominem attacks you love to accuse everyone who is against you of?

  • "have" you illiterate spanner.

  • no. with any luck, the foffa effect will kick in and this odious shit's opinions will be out there for any prospective client / partner to ruminate over. suggesting people desist because it might make some right wing fuckheads more right wing is absurd. pointing and laughing at toxic scum is FAR more constructive than allowing their idiocy to go unremarked upon.

  • Exactly. Freedom of speech goes both ways: he has been permitted to air his views and embarrass himself and we have been permitted to express ourselves by way of return.

    Surely anyone advocating for Pegida's right to air views that literally see minorities killed and assaulted will also support our right to call CEO Pepe an abject cunt?

  • This thread should run.
    I genuinely hope Thom’s business is negatively affected by this whole affair.

  • So I have been asked to close this thread, here and IRL. I guess it could be closed and still be here for everyone to see.

    I'm obviously quite surprised about it evolved, way beyond our usual forum banter. Some aspects made me feel a little uncomfortable (namely the lynch mob mentality regarding associated people and businesses), but it seems that Thom brought the worse all by himself, on himself. I wasn't out to get you, Thom, or hurt your brand. Really.
    I did think you were a Nathan Barley-esque character, a so-called creative starting a brand on an acronym and perceived heritage, but with no substance, originality or values. I think it's fascinating how people jump on that kind of thing, but the "why" (which really was my question), is still an unknown. I guess I'm not cool enough (I'm a squid for not getting it, right?). I also suspect you are really charming IRL, so much so that you can cozy-up to the people that can elevate your "profile".
    As it turns out, beyond your dodgy business practices you are just another alt-right racist cunt, a bully with no morals. You convinced me of this, no one else. Ironically you could have simply said you were Pro-Brexit because you thought it was a great opportunity for Sheffield, and your use of pictures without credit was a mistake but it wouldn’t happen again. Your ego got in way, it seems.

    I don’t know what will happen to your brand (and frankly I don’t give a shit) but your type seems to get away with a lot. I suspect you’ll be alright.

    @velocio will close this thread if he wants to. I might, I don’t know yet.

  • I was hoping for Foffa levels of chat in here but there has been a distinct lack of excrement based gags. 7/10 would read again.

  • Thread would benefit from more humorous fake Mamnick products.

  • I support anyone's right to call anyone a cunt. Go nuts, I'm enjoying the ride.

    I suggested we be better than this. Call him up, talk and make it personal. Hopefully, it will allow an opportunity for a change in values and ideas.

    Internet shouting only leads to driving the wedge deeper. I absolutely stand by this. Tribalism and echo chambers are fucking us all over and it doesn't work. Any opportunity to rise above this nonsense and actually talk to other should be embraced.

  • MamNike just believe your own bullshit

  • Thom editing his posts. I decided to make it know to some of his followers and collaborators that amongst his views he rejected the idea that “...Islam was a religion of peace” Sadly my first thought was to screenshot that part of the post. So here it is. On the record.

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  • Maybe it's just me, but regardless of how sure I was about myself or what level of narcissism I displayed, if I had so many people eloquently (and not so eloquently) putting me in my place, I would either shut the fuck up or go off and seriously re-evaluate my world views.

  • The reason I'd like to see this thread closed is that generally when people start spouting misogynistic, homophobic or racist views here , they're quickly banned.
    Now, it doesn't seem there's any chance or redemption or remorse for past actions on old mates part and I personally find the views abhorrent and at contrast with our community at large. People are welcome to make up their minds about old mates products for themselves. He's had the rope, he's hung himself good and proper, let's not offer old mate a platform to keep this going.

  • Once again, totally missing the fucking point.

    It's not you though.

  • I used two images that were apparently off their feed (I wasn't aware of the feed, as I was blocked from the account from the start). See above. These photos were sent to me by a customer along with a load more.

    I would like to request for you to prove just one thing.
    This image being sent to you.

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  • It seam odd to close this thread and not the foffa thread, this guy deserves all the ridicule he’s getting.

  • I vote leave it open.

    If Thom stops peddling his antagonistic bile and rip-offs it'll quietly melt away anyway.

    If he doesn't, he'll continue to be called out on it and potential future collaboraters can continue to read all about it.

    Win-win, no ?

  • To close the thread would say that LFGSS are happy to let him continue to subject the wider cycling community to (and tarnish it with) his demonstrably abhorrent nature.

    It would be a literal "oh, I give up!"

  • Never clicked on this because ‘Mamnick’ looked such a terrible name, assumed it was just Mamil conflated with something else. However, just had an entertaining read - some conclusions:

    • the guy is an awful human being
    • who seems to have earned the hatred of anyone he’s ever been involved with
    • possibly for being winner in game of biek
    • or more likely game of cunt
    • and shows no interest in protecting his business partnerships by moderating his extremism (political and egotistical)
    • and doesn’t understand the meaning of the term ‘target market’
    • but has some fellow travellers in Sheffield who tell him he’s right and a silent majority in LFGSS (probably a pack of queers) who are apparently buying all the things
    • will continue to double down, deflect and dodge to avoid owning his clearly displayed opinions

    As long as this guy has a revenue stream from the sport of cycling, this thread needs to be open.

  • probably a pack of queers


  • Travellers and queers? Think we've found one of Thom's alt accounts.

  • Read the fucking thread ffs


The Mamnick Thread

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