A Talbot for the French

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  • After riding with BC for a few years now and wanting to get a bike that matches how I ride more as well as keeping it local, there was only one obvious choice ... Also, seeing @Ecobeard build his collection made me jealous!

    The process has started with Matt and I've got a few spreadsheets going, the below is what it will be like:

    • Stainless 953
    • Disc brakes
    • Wishbone
    • Futura Gravel Fork for clearance/mudguards mounts
    • Sick candy fadez paint
    • Ultegra Di2 Hydro with bar end junction box and internal routing
    • Fizik R3/R1 finishing kit or Pro Vibe finishing kit (TBC)
    • Tubeless handmade wheels by Cycle Clinic or Hunt (TBC)
    • Selle SMP Dynamic
    • T47 BB (CK)
    • Chris King headset (Changing my mind about this and the BB every 30 mins at the moment...)

    I still need to confirm the exact geo with Wei but it will probably not be far the classic 4 seasons builds Matt has done numerous times. Not super keen on slopping top tubes so if there is a slope it will be small. Must admit, @JB 's build and his enthusiasm about it is what made me pull the trigger!

    Paint wise I'm looking at using the below colors but with fadezzz. Thinking orange at the front, navy middle and leaving half or 2/3rds of the wishbone and chain stays raw.

    Super excited to see how this turns out!

  • Lovely. Look forward to seeing it!

  • Can’t go wrong with a Talbot. Got my first one a couple of months ago for audax and it was so good that I decided to get a second for my club ride. I have the pretty much the exact same build as you but I went with Hunt wheels to save money (no regrets so far very good value for money) with dynamo and mudguards.

    Orange to blue fade will look cool I think!

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  • Yes! Your build is pretty spot on as well and similar to my plan. I'm just going the extra mile with stainless to be able to not want another bike. Planning to sell my Bowman but keeping my Equilibrium.

    Regarding the Hunt wheels I am also looking at them, the Mason x Hunt 4 Seasons more specifically. However, seems like a significant number of people have had issues with them and although customer service seems great I'd rather not have to deal with it at all.

    These are the other ones I'm looking at: https://thecycleclinic.co.uk/collections­/road-disc-brake-wheelsets/products/borg­22-disc-road-cx-wheelset-front-and-rear-­heavy-rider-touring-28-spoke

    Guy seems to really know his stuff and sent me a thorough email with options, recommendations and stuff he'd avoid as well. And that would be less than £100 more and with a solid warranty.

  • nice plan, dream frame.

    When you say the french do you mean i can use it as well ?

  • About time

    Taken years to talk you into it

    That’s the problem with the French, very little taste

    Go for handmade wheels from @hillbilly , not the Hunts

  • Is it now compulsory for BC members to own a Talbot :-)

  • And doesn’t count unless it’s got a lairy paint job presumably

  • That’s the problem with the French, very little taste

    I resent this.

  • Presumably they need more seasoning?

  • Love these. Great shout to keep the stays unpainted. Please go with a black stem.

  • Yes that's the plan, still yet to confirm what finishing kit I'll go with. I need to speak with Wei in more detail to see if there are major differences in fit limitations etc...

    I've now gone ahead and confirmed to Matt that we will be going full Chris King on BB and Headset so that's one less thing to think about!

  • Wei is great, I had my fit couple of weeks ago :)

    With T47 given they are just threaded cups I have decided against CK, gonna get Praxis, they don't need special tool either.

    Consider dynamo and don't consider anything but SON.

  • Sp is fine.

  • Exactly. SP is fine. Son is good. Having owned both, I'd buy Son every time if budget allowed.

  • I put a deposit down too ... exciting times ... this might become the only Talbot in South Australia

  • Yes, great guy! Did a couple of fits with him already so he knows me well.

    Thanks for sharing that regarding the Praxis, just gave up making a choice in the end and went what I thought would be a long lasting solution, probably paying a premium for it.

    Regarding the dynamo I am considering it as it will come in handy if I do qualify for PBP. I'm thinking of building a set of wheels for which I'd only have to change the front wheel to be able to use the dynamo if that makes sense. So maybe will look at a 24 spokes front without dynamo and then another front wheel with Son/SP.

  • thats what JB does/did on his Talbot ..

    Get SON, this is your 'best' bike.

    Not that it matters but I love the French. The country, the people, the food more than any atom of this island. France is just a superior country.

  • I have/had (now sold one due to moving country) two sets. Mainly because this is the only bike I own. If you have other road bikes, I'm not sure a different front wheel is necessary. You get used to the weight. There's no drag from a good front hub.

  • So you'd use the same wheelset (With SON hub) even when running the bike without your mudguards and dynamo?

    I'd want to be able to have the utility/audax setup as well as to be able to take off the guards and dynamo and feel a difference when taking it on holiday or on a fast club run.

  • SON has so little (or no) drag that you wont ever notice it. I'd say build an all-round wheelset with carbon. My dynamo wheelset weighs 1150g. Lightbicycle flyweight rims, pillar bladed spokes, bitex rear hub, SON front.

  • No, if I am taking the guards off, entirely different wheels go on. My point was, I'd not build only a different front wheel. I would however, have a whole second set of wheels. No point in only having a lightweight front end.

    Edit: I totally misread your thing about wheels. Ignore me la la la la la.

  • Lol, mine weighs 2000g+ I think

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A Talbot for the French

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