Car Hire Recommendations - Costa Brava (Alicante)

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  • Hi -
    Can't make head nor tail of TripAdvisor reviews with the combination of false reviews, people that didn't read the T&C (how dare they block £1500 on your credit card for the car hire you've paid £1.49 per day for) and people that have been wronged but are spending the rest of their life on a crusade against said company!

    Any one got any actual positive experience of car hire at Alicante.
    Basically I want to book cheap car hire with full/full fuel policy and without expensive 'Mega' cover etc, instead getting my own stand alone insurance (much cheaper) to cover any excess they should keep. I understand a hefty block will be placed on CC but my stand alone insurance will protect against that; that said I don't want that to be a green light for shady practices and 'surprise' damage or the 2mm scratch that costs 500 euro excess!

    Cheers all

  • I've been picking up cars from Alicante Airport 2 or 3 times a year, for the last 5 years. I also have insurance to cover the excess , cost around £45 a year , so has saved me a fortune , but more to the point , they did pay out when I did indeed get the surprise 500 euro scratch.
    Don't use GoldCar , always long ques at the checkout , and have the worst reputation.
    In the last few years I've used Centauro with no problems . What you have to remember is , if you don't take out their insurance they are effectively making no money , so be careful , absolutely make sure the car is checked when you hand it back and get the back of the contract signed.
    You're unlikely to get full/full fuel unless you take out the full package , but you're getting the car so cheap best just to suck that one up probably cost you another 25 or so Euro's .
    Just booked a Ford Focus for 9 days 44 Euro's!!

  • Thanks @cino so basically, get the cheapest (except one or two where I only hear horror stories) I can for which they'll block 1500 or so on my card (not really am issue) and have confidence that worst case, they'll be scamming toe-rags and charge for false damage, or of course they may charge should I have a prang, that my stand alone insurance will cover (providing I'm fairly sensible and get reports/receipts etc) and the only additional cost, after rental and stand alone insurance, to me will be a bit of time a few emails?


  • Yep , that's it , when I did have to claim, it was a case of a few emails, the hire company have to send you pictures of the damage, bills etc. One more thing , when you're at the check in desk they might try and scare you into getting their insurance , just stand you're ground.

  • There is a slight issue in that I'll be dropping off at 0515 so likely keys in drop box but I'll take pics. Did you go direct with Centauro or broker, and any other recommendations? Cheers

  • Direct , take pics for sure , don't forget to take pics of the door mirrors and bumpers.

  • Thanks mate, will go for that unless I can find an absolute stunner of a zero deposit all in deal (cheapest thus far is £220 for 10 days). Any more pearls of wisdom/advice, please shout.


  • Go on to forum
    Type in car hire lots of posts ref this subject from both expat locals and holidaymakers
    Recommendation thoes to avoid deals scams etc

    Small note costa blanca not brava

  • Eek. Oh yes, of course (Costa Blanca)!

    Many thanks, will look that up.


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Car Hire Recommendations - Costa Brava (Alicante)

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