Ruislip: What is it good for ......?

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  • Ha, not me,
    I'm just loitering on the shoulders of (local) Giants.

    Might find the time to write the tract that explains this soon.

  • Ruislip, of course, has not been spared the attentions of HS2,

    Our municipal golf course is now a distended building site,
    preparing for the delivery of tunnel boring machine.

    In the interim large volumes of excvated material are being removed from the site,
    transported along out unimproved Victorian farm track-based road system,
    and dumped on local marginal grazing fields that will end up raised, in some places by 4 metres.

    A competent contractor can easily arrange a wheel washing facility to ensure that HGVs do not leave muck on the roads. 'Competent' is seemingly an unfairly high bar for SCS, (Skanska Costain Strabag) the tunnelling contractor. Complaints to HS2 have previously been dismissed with promises to do better.
    Complaints to HS2, copied to local councillors and council officers gained slightly more traction.
    Complaints copied to the office of the local MP, were reportedly followed up at a high level meeting with HS2 Directors.
    An HS2 Senior Engagement and Interface Manager took 15 working days to reply.
    The LB Hillingdon Head of Transport wrote on the 24th November quoting the relevant sections of the Highways Act 1980.
    Subsequently the LB Hillingdon Planning Enforcement Officer wrote, on the 27th November, to the Company Secretary of HS2 stating that a breach of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (As amended) means that HS2 has 14 (calendar) days to 'provide the Council with further measures and procedures that will put in place with immediate effect in order to avoid/limit and mitigate the deposition of mud and other debris on the highway'.

    'Failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice is a criminal offence, which on summary conviction, can result in an unlimited fine.'

  • Ruislip will have its own short viaduct,
    over the raging torrent of the River Pinn,
    and Breakspear Road South,
    but the Colne Valley viaduct is the next valley over.

  • Crikey - straight over HOAC - many happy summer's messing around in boats there. - forced to relocate I guess - fuckers.

  • Yep, school PE lessons included canoeing at HOAC.
    Son had a leaving primary school, 'Build a raft' day there.

    HOAC update here.

  • I had occasion to travel through Ruislip Woods today and then out over the Chilterns and past Hartwell House, where mature parkland is being stripped bare for Hs2. I weep for the loss, but do wonder whether there is some comfort in the thought that this is for rail rather than road. I am torn over this.

  • Yes, there should be a forum ride to survey the damage that HS2 is causing,
    from Ruislip golf course, through Harefield, the concrete segment factory at Denham Green, then into the Chilterns.

  • Other than HS2, did you enjoy Ruislip Woods?
    The Wood Anemone, (in Park Wood), is again spectacular.

  • Yes, there should be a forum ride to survey the damage that HS2 is causing

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  • I’m afraid my electric car was too fast to allow me to savour these delights. But the glimpse I had does make me want to visit more slowly. I work in Uxbo so I could get over there quite easily.

  • Updates coming.

  • Sussex cattle for conservation grazing return to Poors' Field,
    (just to the west of the Lido).

  • Apologies if it has been covered elsewhere, but do you know the origins of the name Mad Bess Woods? I could google, but when in the presence of the Ruislip oracle it would seem perverse not to hear from an authoritative source....

  • Your very kind words are appreciated,
    I am but a placeholder standing on the shoulders of (local) giants.

    A local story suggests she may have the been the (aged?), widowed wife of an 18th century gamekeeper. I'll check with the local history society for a more definitve answer.

  • I would venture a giant standing amongst giants then, in that case!

    Fantastic, I'll look forward to hearing further. The local history society looks like a great resource...

  • Yes, RNELHS is a great society.
    We are fortunate that the Manor of Ruislip,
    (as opposed to the early '30s built suburb of 'Ruislip Manor'),
    ended up in the hands of Kings' College Cambridge.
    There is a wealth of documented history that has yet to be reviewed/translated from legal/commercial Latin.

  • Spotted:

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  • Hippy?

  • We've only got 8 Sussex cattle conservation grazing Poors' Field this Summer.
    That's barely a snack for @hippy

  • Well, as Paul Weller used to say; 'That long, hot Summer just passed us by'.

    More details to follow,
    anyone who shops in a Coop may be able to help the Ruislip Residents' Association, (RRA),
    plant a Community Orchard.

    The RRA made an application to the Coop Local Community Fund.
    We have just been informed we have been selected
    as we qualified under the first the listed criteria.

    More details, including how 'local' is 'local' as I find out.

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Ruislip: What is it good for ......?

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