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  • I've always loved the idea of being able to add little braze ons here and there. I've picked up a ratty gazelle that I'd like to use as my winter bike, it doesn't have mudguard eyes and p-clips are ugly.
    I'm going down a similar route as @russmeyer did with his All City.
    I'm going to buy a mapp torch - what difference is there between a £20 torch and a £80 torch? Any and all recommendations welcome!

  • i bought a bernzomatic torch handle head thing for 50 odd quid and it seems decent enough, flame is not adjustable tho which is not ideal. Then again i dont think i would really need to adjust it too much anyway. But it doesnt have a precise tip at all. Good for heating a whole joint but not really good for much that needs any accuracy. fine for braze ons etc tho

  • Operation remove stuck stem has been a success

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  • What temperature does that go up to?

  • Just looked through the plumbing tools my father has, there is a torch + gas canister that has 1925 degrees written on it. Will that be hot enough to braze mudguard stays with silver?

  • Thank you!

  • Im not really sure temp wise, but it happily melts silver filler. Just now recievied some brass/bronze rod. 2mm thick. I dont know if it will be hot enough for this but ill give it a go and report back

  • Well just attempted to braze with mapp, wasnt a complete failiure, but defo not something you could so on anything important or load bearing. It worked, there is now brass and two tubes have become one. But the amount of heat that had to be sunk into these relatively small tubes was crazy. Because the flame is not very directed, you have no heat control at all. However i have happily done a few braze ons with mapp no issues.

  • I started with monument torch,

    It was alright. Bit of a blunt tool as others have suggested. Still managed to use it for a fair bit of jewellery making as well as bike stuff.

    It started leaking and stuff though so I recently bought an adjustable Go System swivel one like this,

    Definitely seems like an improvement. The swivel thing is handy too, means you can clamp a workpiece in the vice etc and sit the torch on the bench and aim it at the piece so can leave it sitting putting heat in. That was always difficult to do with the upward pointing monument one.

  • Thanks for the advice

  • Piece of donor Dawes has been acquired for practicing. Rest in pieces

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  • practicing

    That's cheating!

  • Practice makes perfect.

    I've probably been playing about with it for like, 3 years? I still learn something new every time I pick up the torch.

  • Do you want a complete frame to play with? maybe cut the ends off for me if you dont mind?

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Just shoot the thing

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