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  • Max and I are willing to run the league again this year, same format, same rules.

    League format: 2 x 15 minute games
    3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss

    Proposals for alternative formats are due in one week from today, after which there will be a vote.

  • I don't have a suggestion for an alternative format, but the removal of a rule. I am not going to be here to run the league so appreciate my suggestion may be without a vehicle.

    I suggest removing the rule that requires subs to be people not playing in the league. This made sense when London had many more players, but at the moment almost all regular players are in the league. Sadly most games need a sub, often two, and this can mean that the team slowest to grab Beagle is left asking people who haven't played in six months, or don't have a bike. Removing this rule would be of no detriment to the game, and would make it significantly easier to schedule games. As long as all players, and the ref, agree that it is a fair swap, then game on.

  • I think this is a very good suggestion. Maybe we could ask that the player is of roughly equal merit.

  • My one suggestion would be 3 x 15 minute games, as sometimes just 2 felt like too few

  • newbie question about woody's suggestion, if I may:

    from your collective experience, do subs piss people off/ create conflicts of interest?
    who has to agree to the other team getting a sub: the ref, both teams, maybe both?

  • This! <3x15min games>

    Any sub to an equal merit sounds good too.

  • Matt and I will not to be changing the format of the league.

    In its 11th year, we have had this discussion countless times. Pretty sure we have nailed format.

    There just isn't time: lights, trying to get 2 X games in a night, refs freezing their arses off.

    However, we will be revisiting the sub rule

  • Emmet here, +1 to Max.

    Moar pickup fun times.

  • Here is a revised sub rule, based on conversation with a dozen peeps last night at Mitch.

    (1) A substitute should normally be of equal or lesser skill than the person being substituted for. (2) League players should normally be ineligible to sub for another team, but may be used in exceptional circumstances. The opposing team must approve any sub based on the foregoing two points. The Management Committee (or, on short notice, the game ref) will arbitrate if necessary.

    If a sub is used the team using the sub will normally be eligible only for 2.5 points for a win (rather than 3 points), subject to the discretion of the Management Committee.

  • I don't see any proposals coming so let's move on with this format and get the league going. See the sign-up thread.

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League XI chat

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