Eddy Merckx SLX Corsa Extra 57cm

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  • A pretty rare paint scheme and I've never seen another one like it. There are the usual scratches through normal use and the seatstays show some chrome where a previous owner clearly used clip-on mudguards, but other than that it's in good condition.

    57cm square

    I'm just selling the frameset, but here's a pic of it built up:

    more pics here

    £240 (was £250)
    Warwick Avenue area in the evenings

  • Is this the whole bike or frame and forks?
    Is 57cm centre to top seatpost or c-c?

  • Just frameset. 57cm is c-c.

  • Cool thanks, thought it was too good to be true! A touch too big for me but very nice. glws

  • Without wishing to hijack the thread (!), do you know if it was common for Corsa Extras of this era not to have tubing decals? I have one of a similar vintage and was concerned about whether it was actually SLX (I later found they pretty much all were) until I had a look at the inside of the tubes.

    Anyway, beautiful frame and love the Belgian paintjob ;)


  • It’s a Merckx. They were very laid back about things, including the detailed finishing and sometimes missed off small paint details like painting lug cutouts.

    I wouldn’t worry about the lack of the tubing decal - if nothing else they made the Corsa Extra from a pretty diverse range of tubing over the years. If it is missing that and the little ‘made in Belgium’ decal I would wonder if it’s had a respray though.

  • Hello,
    Is it possible to ship to Poland?

  • Probably. I've replied to your PM.

  • price drop

  • Hello! Is frame still available?

  • It's in London? Can you tell me about scratches?

  • What year is that frame ?anyone know :-(

  • Hello, is it still available?

  • yep, replied to your PM

  • Not sure... I'll get the serial number and try working it out.

  • Got this from the net

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  • Here's the serial number on the bottom. This seems to confirm it's a Corsa Extra of 1985.

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Eddy Merckx SLX Corsa Extra 57cm

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