Most beautiful Crankset - a discussion thread

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  • Ok not the most beautiful crankset (sorry) - but I have always really liked this for some reason.

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  • I can't believe it took until page 11 for 9000 to rate a mention. Took a while to grow on me, but after a few years this bold design is looking pretty good, definitely a classic.

    Not a fan of the bonded construction though.

  • Sorry to hear about that bang to the head you had, seems to have had a lasting effect, as that just looks like the lid of a compost bin to me :)

  • shimano something or other model sure was a looker thats for sure....­/products/

  • Also ....Live long and prosper!

  • One day...

  • these are nice.... a million dollars tho...
    same same but different...

  • Great thread . The central feature of any bike so well worth it’s own thread .

    Favourites from my bikes

    Middleburn - single speed and square taper
    The new Shimano mtb single ring standard, all of them look the same and super cool
    The carbon/ alloy Carbon from 2002 that has had a few mentions - never owned them have tried to get a pair for my same year Merckx mxl

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  • are Ultegra golf clubs ‘golf club’?

  • Middleburn, TA Carmina, TA Alize 130bcd,

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  • Alize Track

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  • I’ve also always liked the way DaVinci cranks look.

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  • what do you mean by that?

    golf dura ace lookalike to me

  • Nah, they're clearly Campag Record cranks... because they're all missing the lower half.

  • snapped some ultegra 6700s the other day, true story, right in the middle of the axle. felt a bit weird after, was just riding along

  • Wasn't keen on it at all at first. But the four arm pattern with these angles makes a lot of sense, and after a while it started to make ye olde five bolt cranks look a bit silly and unoptimised to me.

    This first of the four-bolt road cranks from Shimano seemed to be a definite departure from their modern tendency to make their cranks fugly as sin. Every aspect seems to have a point beyond mere styling, except for that black scoop on the arms, which is the only bit that still bugs me.

  • C Record and carbon Record 10 have both appeared on here (rightly), but for those with long memories, here are my polished C Records (yes I still have them, yes they are still used).

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  • We've been through the 9000 chat on hhsrb­81/?offset=10250#comment16373550

    A strange divide between people that dislike it and people who are wrong

  • Maybe we should do a poll, the last one didn't go so well...

  • wow , actually for medium/far away those cranks are not too bad
    nobody ever polished them all the way? removing the black parts?

  • nice!!!
    the dura ace is also just awesome!

  • It did not, rumors that Margaret Thatcher was the winning Crank are unfortunately true

  • Agreed, I think that's a much better look than Shimano's monolithic, all-black 4-arm design.

  • Just had a look back through this thread. Considering the title, it really is filled with some fucking horrible looking cranks!

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Most beautiful Crankset - a discussion thread

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