Most beautiful Crankset - a discussion thread

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  • Tried a search, couldn't find a similar thread which is weird for such an opinated forum full of livley discussion.

    Anyway, I humbly submit that the DA 7410 are the most aesthetically pleasing cranks of all time.


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  • Yes.


  • aren't those 7700 ? not 7400

    7400 are flatter and straighter with the logo nearer the pedals

  • i like the Campagnolo C Record 1987

  • good thread though

    suntour superbe pro 2nd generation for me

  • The 7410 was kind of a semi-gruppo. First sti 8 speed. New low q factor crank for aero gains. New seatpost.

    This was 103mm sqaure taper, 740x was wider square taper, 7700 octolink.

  • Hot. I prefer the classic 5 bolt arrangement, with one at 12pm.

  • I always liked these

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    • ofmega mistral cranks %283%29.jpg
  • Used to love the Stronglight 107 I had on my Ron Cooper for years.

    I only became familiar with the TT version from here. Looks ace on the right build.

  • what are the campag ones with really rounded arms?

  • Hot take, all modern cranks are awful.

  • Guyz pls

  • .

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  • You say that because you can not pay for one, is that it?

    When we open a debate to know the tastes of the people for a subject, we do not criticize the taste of others my friend : )

    See how choice can be clumsy

    Ti Tange is rad !

  • This is banging.

  • And also this.

  • Each to their own of course, and yes it's entirely subjective, but that Dura Ace on the Pinarello is horrible to my eyes. Much prefer the trad silver spider look

  • These are nice on the right bike.

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Most beautiful Crankset - a discussion thread

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