Race around The Netherlands

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  • They're probably already practising for hippy, because he's fat.


  • Wouldn't you need to offer the place to sleep to all contestants?

  • Nah, offering it to only some is fine... so I can have them DQ'd if they take it at the finish mwuahahahaaaa

    2.Riders must be fully self-supported.
    Accept no help that others couldn't also receive along the way. Using any form of social media to broadcast requests for help is forbidden. Riders are responsible for finding food, water, accommodation, laundry, bike store services and anything else they may need along the way. Any service utilized must be available to all riders. Friends and family are welcome to visit riders during the event to offer encouragement or take pictures, but they must not offer any material support or food of any kind. Booking accommodation before the event is not allowed. Yo u a r e a l l o w e d t o b o o k a c c o m m o d a t i o n w h e n t h e e v e n t s t a r t s . Note: As long its accessible for anyone and you don’t book it before May1st 8.00am accommodation like the following is ok with us! Warmshowers (https://www.warmshowers.org) Vrienden op de Fiets (http://www.vriendenopdefiets.nl/)

  • Wouldn't you need to offer the place to sleep to all contestants?

    The more the merrier!

  • Please understand that the solution to go around the Ijsselmeer due to the closed dike was just made to guarantee a fair event in a race environment.

    That said we do not want to create stress caused by the added kilometers! Thats why I have a suggestion for the riders who have a tight schedule.
    There is a bus going over the dike which schedule will be published in April!
    Due to the short notice of changing the route we would not disqualify riders taking the original route and the bus. We would give them an adjustment time of 24 hours on top of their finishing time.
    Also we would explain this in the general classification properly.
    Please give this a thought!

    I still think they should have cut another section instead of this weird alternative

  • What's the weird alternative? I should look at the maps..

  • Weird as in: you can take a bus, cut a section of the race and we'll give you a penalty.
    Haven't seen something like this before in a race I think.

  • I guess because it's kinda late notice they're getting grief from people who've locked in transport plans so they had to present it as an option. I thought you meant their detour was weird. I've had a look and I see they don't have a lot of choice.


  • Obvious thing to do would have been to go from Amsterdam to Haarlem, keeping the route about the same length by cutting out what is now a loop of Noord Holland

  • Yeah, the detour isn't weird at all. But because it is such late notice and adding more than 10% to the total distance I think cutting another section would have been a safer/better option.

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Race around The Netherlands

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