Race around The Netherlands

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  • I wonder if hippy sits on his tracker? would explain both gooch and lack of signal

  • Today was a good day. I felt time efficient, hit my target and got a nice hotelroom.
    Tomorrow will be harder when I get to the coast.

  • Tracker on top tube

  • Very nice.. Have a great day riders. fabulous progress

  • Hope everyone has a great day today. The weather down here in Amsterdam is fabulous; clear and warm with little wind.

  • So hippy's lying second or first (too close to Daan Marsmans to say for sure based on staggered tracker updates), seems to be on an excellent ride. Did he stop overnight at all? Getting close to the 600km mark.

  • What is MisterTomTom's number

    Hippy out front now I think

    Weather has turrned to drizzle in Amsterdam

  • I'd forgotten how much fun dot watching can be! Well done so far Hippy.

  • What is MisterTomTom's number

    94 I believe.

    hippy and Dan Marsman seem to be battling for the lead. #prayforgooch

  • 94 is an other guy I know, don't think it's MTT.
    if it is, my mind will be blown. :)

    edit: mind = blown, go Zwoep!

  • Why the blue route option NW of Amsterdam?

  • Because the route through the dunes is closed at (night) times

  • [csb] The 1000km mark is at the place I grew up [/csb]

    Great going @hippy !

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  • 1130 v near where I grew up! Really want to do RATN in the future now.

  • hippy smashing.

  • That is one strong headwind. Welcome to the netherlands :)

  • How is it Tom? You enjoying?

    Trying to work out if times work out to go and yell at hippy later :-)

  • hippy's starting to put some daylight between himself and Daan Marsmans. It looks like more than 10km.

  • does anyone know if there is a check-in at the timing points.. Thinking of going out to cheer on, deciding between up on a bridge or the timing point just before

  • Took a spin out to see him go through...

    He was looking good, complaining about knee pain, but looked good.

    Afterthought of a photo

    Was too late to hang around for more, but hopefully I'll see some more people tomorrow. I am in awe of the people out there. I had a 20km spin and it was mighty windy.

    Felt useless, you want to give food or coffee or something, but obviously can't.

    Anyway, to all of you out there, the very, very best of luck

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  • Nice bakery at 1127, is where I always got my breakfast when doing Harwich - Hoek (before the coffee and bike shop at Kijkduin opened).

  • Is hippy actually doing any stopping or resting? Daan Marsmans is way behind now, but may of course simply be resting, and the only rider remotely close is Bas Vlaskamp, who did the possibly-against-the-rules circumnavigation of the National Park earlier.

    Impressive is not the word for it.

  • These trackers make it so hard to tell. It seemed to me that Hippy was plotted up just north of Groningen for quite a few hours in the middle of last night, while Daan pulled ahead at that time by not stopping until dawn. Wonder how much that hurt his day.

    Oh! And go go go @MisterTomTom

  • Hippy going well this morning. Big lead.
    The tracker is saying there is another guy in front of him, Stephane Billard, but can't see him on the map anywhere so presume it's an error.
    One guy, 30, is doing the original route across the long dyke!

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Race around The Netherlands

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