• Hi,

    on the 28th of Aug this week a lady pulled out in front of me and a friend trying to make it through the lights - fully skipped a red light. (See video - White BMW)

    In the process, she caused the gentlemen in front of me to stop abruptly which then had a knock-on effect causing me to come off the front of my handlebars.

    I landed on my shoulder and knee injuring both (can't walk or lift my arm), cracked my helmet and sustained some grazes to me left leg and shoulder.

    I was wondering what my legal rights are in a situation like this? I really just want my expenses covered (ie. cracked helmet and physio appointment).


    See the video attached or image

    IMG: https://imgur.com/afLpp1k

    Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/poz8ntf6k9eb8f­i/Video-Essex-Road-Accident%20%281%29.mp­4?dl=0

  • How annoying! I can’t view the video but it sounds like you were following too close behind the gentleman to be able to stop in time. Unfortunately that would mean you don’t have any comeback.
    Probably not the answer you wanted.

  • Unfortunately I'd have to agree. You must have been following very closely, which is particularly dangerous when filtering.

  • Talk to Leigh Day. They may be able to help. My layman's knowledge would lead me to believe that you probably don't have a legal case against her. But I'm sure that the police would like to see that footage of her jumping a red light and leaving the scene of an accident. You probably won't get any money from her, but please report this to the police, at the very least.

  • Fair enough, I was a little bit too close - I'll put my hand up to that.

    Learn from your mistakes I guess.

  • only know a bit about this stuff but, you might have a case.

    Civil cases are not black/white - you can often get x% of blame apportioned to a particular party. So a judge might rule you're 40% to blame for being too close, whilst the driver is 60% for her actions, and so would award you 60% of damages, or something to that effect.

    TL;DR - talk to Leigh Day or similar.

  • Video doesn’t work.

  • I really just want her to replace my brand new helmet which has a minor crack in it..

  • Hi as long as you didn't crash into the guy in front of you, then the lady is liable, IMO

  • Whoever's driving that car (M15 SSL) is a cunt
    Report to police

  • I didn't touch the guy in front of me. I was actually to the right of him not behind.

    I did panic and slam the brakes though. Probably would've been fine otherwise.

    If you check the video... shes a couple of meters away from the lights when its already red !!

  • I think a major stumbling block here is that video guy doesn’t even need to stop to avoid the RLJing BMW

    I’d chalk this one up to experience and be thankful it wasn’t worse.

    Did police or ambulance attend the scene? Was it reported?

    Video guy’s filtering scares me but maybe that’s a distraction.

    Tl;dr slow the fuck down as you approach traffic waiting at junctions.

  • whathowardsays^

  • Thanks for you help.

    Closing the thread.


VIDEO: Accident after lady pulled out in front of me and a friend - Need advice

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