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  • It seems they did use it.


    So not an off the peg model. Rather a nice 56 L’Atlantique .

  • The fork crown is also one usually used on the Fleur de Lys model, as is that seat cluster.
    His father has nice taste!

  • This photo of A.S.G. is taken from a copy of Cycling from 1942. It's the best reproduction I can manage - not great, but it gives an idea of the man.

    The article is about an institute for accrediting cycle traders and repairers founded by ASG.

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  • Nice to be able to put a face to the name finally.

  • Indeed!! Thanks.

  • I asked my local sprayer/frame builder to take out the damaged dropouts to use as a template and get new ones made as I had given up looking for a donor frame. However the frame builder tells me that there is nothing wrong with the old dropouts. Which is great news.
    So I have just sent the frame to Argos for respraying, it won't be back until April though so I have plenty of time to gather the necessary parts.

  • This what I have so far.
    Chapter lea 7" cranks
    Bayliss cups, I need a decent axle as this one is pitted
    Lytaloy headset
    Lytaloy calipers?
    Chapter lea hubs. I was originally going use Conloy rims, however as they were track specific with no breaking surface I thought better of it.

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  • Are the rims for tubs or clinchers (not that either have much of a braking surface!)

  • The tubs are Ambrosio NOS apparently. Similar to the Conloy rims as in I will need washers for the nipples.
    There is some corrosion on one of the rims so I'm not 100% sure about them yet.
    The Bluemels mudguards are the narrow gauge versions.
    The handlebars are Madison which I love the shape of.

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  • The chater lea cranks

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  • Checked out the garage of a recently departed club member this morning.
    Up for sale

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  • That's nice.
    Where is it for sale?

  • And what's its frame number?

  • Can I have a valuation for this Gillott.
    Found when clearing out a recently deceased club member s garage.
    Want to sell on behalf of his widow.

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  • Those rims look great-don't think I've seen any of them before. Madison bars look good too-I had some a similar shape, not the most comfortable but look really good.

  • Hi @johnnywbike
    I wouldn't like to speculate to be honest, as the prices seem to vary so much.
    Lovely though. Looks like the frame was built up to ride.
    Path/track frame round forks with an RJB crown.
    Nervex pro lugs.
    22" seat tube?
    23" top tube?
    Frame number.?
    TA cranks with adaptor is lovely
    Wheel size..?

  • 52cm. Seat Tube
    57cm. Top Tube
    Frame No. 59.3064.022.F31 (or similar)
    Paint in vgc.

  • I would say that frame No. Has something to do with the Nervex Pro BB lug as the build sequence No. doesn't match other Gillots.?
    So 59 would be the year and 3064 would be the number of frames made since they started in 1945. However by 1958 they had already surpassed 4000 frames.
    The frame number should be on the BB

  • Might also be on the rear ends?

  • Only if it was built in 1951 or earlier.?
    With Nervex lugs it's unlikely.

  • Yeah, he'd have noticed them already

  • What bars are people liking on their Gillott, I had some gb maes and they felt a bit noodley when out of the saddle. Got some town bars on at the moment and puts my weight quite far back.

  • I use Stratalite "South of France of France" bars on my fixed commuter which i love.
    Even when riding fast on the shallow drops i can still see where im going.
    They are also completely wrapped in cotton tape and 2 layers of shellac, so are comfortable and waterproof in any position.
    also because of the flowing aerodynamic shape they make me cycle faster.!

  • They have a nice shape to them. Any pics?

    I checked the crack in my frame today and its not looking good. Now it also appears at the bottom of the lug. Winston mentioned he probably wouldn't be able to get the same lug which I think is Oscars egg?

    Whilst it gets repairs is there anything else I could consider? I'm thinking some bottle bosses at least.

    Anyone made frame modifications to their Gillott? What did you do?

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A.S. Gillott owners & appreciation club

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