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  • I don't think that there is a thread dedicated to Gillott cycles but feel that there should be and I have recently purchased one.

    I started a CP thread for mine https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3248­25/
    to share the great cycle that I bought and to also get advice on 50s cycling and the fantastic components.
    I'm pretty sure that are a number of these cycles owned by people on here from the interest that my CP has generated.

    My one was built in 1951

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  • Just saw this!! I'll add more pics of my Gillott's soon :)

  • Not sure how I missed this thread, how embarrassing.
    This is my latest Gillott, It's a curly cut from 1947. It needs plenty of work and I need to source a bunch of parts but in the mean time it's my run around.

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  • Curly cut Chater Lea seat tube lug and 300mm aluminium Reynolds seat post.
    That's Erith in the background

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  • Nice example!!

  • A couple of snaps of my one , Now that I've finished cleaning it.

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  • .

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  • Mine. 1952 Path

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  • I love the paint and colour scheme on this frame @anidel, it's instantly recognisable as yours. Try to do as little as possible to it.

  • Nice what happened to the rear light?

  • I was actually growing more fond of it everytine I look at it.
    I think I'll try to clean it and keep is as is, checking if it needs any sort of protection.

  • And to the mudguards?

  • I've got it somewhere, ever ready I think. I thought it looked out of place given the age of it.

  • Yes - they are about somewhere.
    I seem to remember that they didn't fit to well or were a bit misshapen and rubbed and were noisy.
    I'll dig them out and see, I think I prefer them off though.

  • My latest Gillott, I'm not sure it's gonna last though!

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  • Amazing!!

  • Gillot People, please cross-post in ‘pre 50s rides of lfgss’ or whatever the thread is called.

  • Recently acquired this. New to vintage bikes, thinking of having it restored. Any advice on bike restoration in South London, prices etc appreciated. Is it worth doing up to sell on? Told that it was custom built in the 50's.

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  • That looks great, Please cross post in
    As I'm sure people will be interested

  • Definitely worth doing up-try and restore, cleanup and keep ALL the original parts though. It will be far far better (And worth far more most likely if you do decide to sell it on). Don't touch that chrome though it is good as is. It's nice to see a full bike of that age with a good bit of 'patina' to it all together still., and really rather rare, so it would be a crime to muck around with it too much. What is it, do you know?

  • It's a Thanet Silverlight and worth a lot of money. Some regard them as the holy grail of classic bicycles. It needs a very careful restoration.

  • Thanks all and thanks for the i.d @benjaminbunny it certainly looks like a silverlight, also has 'Gillott' on the stem. Were they made by Gillott? This is all one big school day for me. Will definitely have an honest restoration done; preserve the history and patina, won't be spraying it purple! Any info on restorers for this type of job? Pref in South London.

  • It looks like it is rolling ready and needs very little to do on it.
    You can do all that's required yourself probably

    What I would advise -

    1. Check gear and brake cables and replace if needed. You may only wish/need to change the inner.
    2. Buy a degreaser solution and clean chain, freewheel and then oil.
      3.Buy new brake pads if needed.
      4.Buy some new inner tubes /tyres if needed.
      5.Clean the rust of off the rims to make sure you can brake properly.
    3. Check the spokes and go over with an oily rag to put the rust on hold.
    4. Go out and ride it and enjoy, It looks great.
      Check out this link which gives you a history of Thanet http://www.classiclightweights.co.uk/tha­net.html
  • Thanks for the info and advice @SideshowBob. Slowly doing it up now. Will cross post as advised in https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2388­01/

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A.S. Gillott owners & appreciation club

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