Thorn Rad Touring Frame 531ST 59 x 60

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  • For sale I have a Thorn touring frame 59ctc top tube 60ctc seat tube. I bought this frame about a year ago. The seller told me it was 531ST, but had been painted at Mercian (I think) and they only had 531c tube decals at the time. I’ve owned both 531 ST and C frames in the past, definitely feels like ST.

    This was destined to be a “bike for life”. It was the perfect size for me, had a great paint job, and had all the specs/braze ons I wanted. Unfortunately for me, it was advertised as easily clearing 35c + guards, which made me think I could squeeze 40s in there. When it arrived I discovered that it would only clear 32s, it will clear 32s with guards but no bigger without. This is fine for road riding/touring/commuting/light off road but I wanted to be able to go mixed surface touring on it and 32 just hasn’t cut it. It’s a real shame as the frame rides amazingly.

    I’m replacing it with something less exciting but more functional, and looking to recoup my money. The frame has a couple of chips and scratches but overall good condition. I will get more detailed photos for anyone interested/in due course.

    Really sad to let it go but I’m merging 2 bikes (this and my day one) to make way for a Brompton.

    Looking for £250 posted for frame, fork and strong light headset. can throw in 42c mudguards trimmed/carved to fit if desired.

    Also have some fillet brazed nitto bull moose I cut/ground the quill down on to be able to slam on this (fork steerer internally butted) can throw in for another £50.

    Also the bike was featured on the Restrap instagram, so buy this for instafame.

    Sold for £225 posted.

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Thorn Rad Touring Frame 531ST 59 x 60

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