Project three-ish (Dart, CAAD 9, CAAD 10 Track, Steamroller)

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  • And here’s the Dart in “best bike” mode. A nice gloss carbon seatpost and lighter tubes would probably get this down to 7kg

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    • 77C4B390-21E2-4C0B-B32B-2F75C0E5BFD7.jpeg
  • Oh and p clips to level the rack up are in the post

  • Still very much enjoying the Steamroller, the 35's (measuring 37mm) are a bit toight with the road gearing but there's more room if i switch to a bigger gear with a longer chain for bumpy path riding. Hoping to get it to Winston soon for bottle and maybe rack mounts and i'd like a nicer black front brake (TRP?). I have a more beater wheelset for lock up days but in the end i've gone back to having insurance on this one so i can use some of my nicer parts and not stress about it. The Dart with flat bars made no sense so it's been setup in road fixed mode and is super fun as a quick/sunny day commuter.

  • Maroonish(?) paint, black parts, panaracer gumwalls

    Me likey

  • May I ask which insurer did you go with and what was the rough cost?

  • I went with Laka in the end. Single bike at £1200 is around £10 a month which is a bit steep but we added my partner's Condor for the same value and it came to £13 a month. The price can fluctuate so the numbers above are quoted as "usual" but with the £25 joining discount i'm hoping this'll work out around £6 a month each.

  • Sounds pretty good might look into it to calm down the locking anxiety

  • Currently focused on having a clear out, really should sell these forks and wheel set but still tempted to do something with them

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  • And managed to get a pair of TRPs for a fair price. Going to need to bust out the dremel…

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  • New project off to a cracking start, WAC

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  • At least when I’m not destroying frames I’ve managed a few fun rides on this lately

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  • This was a great read from start to end 👌. Lovely builds

  • The dart is looking good

    The silver sugino 75DD is really the best classic/modern crankset

  • Homemade removal tool did the job nicely, thankfully no damage done whilst I was being impatient with a mallet

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  • New project means this’ll likely be up for sale soon. Thinking of selling as frame set or bike kit as seen below (minus saddle but inc 105 FD and chain)

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  • Time to get started properly on this, sure is a looker...

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  • How come you would rather have the Caad10 over the 9??

  • Good question, i've been injured and only really doing turbo stuff so was was trawling Ebay for something a bit more mamil orientated to give my shoulder a break. The 10 popped up and although it has the same geo as the 9 was a cheap collection only listing and i happened to passing through the location on my way back from a trip. I could see the fork had a tonne of steerer spare so figured it would probably do the job for now. I didn't pay it much attention when collecting but when i got it back realised it was actually a ladies CAAD10 with more stack and less reach (and a silly high BB) so was going to work better than expected. If i ever go back out on the road i believe the 10 is about 200g lighter and i have a 12 fork from 2018 which is a bit more reassuring and clears 28's with ease.

    But fuck me are the welds horrible compared to the 9!

  • Stripped and BB30 adapter pressed in (that's muck on the BB shell!)

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    • B88D54FF-1020-4CB4-B133-9E4571B5C098.jpeg
  • And here it is after some half arsed prep work and sloppy masking. Going stock white and only looking to save the down and head tube graphics so I can just lightly blow in the white without needing to touch areas where the paint is likely to crack. If I’d had the patience I probably couldn’t of cut through the graphics with removing too much paint but there were some scratches that needed sorting anyways

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  • Finally get a minute in the sun to slap on some paint and a £10 can of paint only gives me one and a half thin coats. Don’t want to spend anymore money or time on this atm so once the paint has hardened it’ll get a polish and I’ll have to live with the “ghosted” original graphics.

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    • AF09E9DB-9423-4ECB-94B8-FD6E2DF762E2.jpeg
  • Not great but it’ll do. What little new paint there is has gone on fine and blended well enough. Can already tell white is going to be a nightmare so this’ll get redone properly if I get on with it.

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  • I like the white and orange

  • Me too looks decent.

    Those are different forks right?

    Edit: yes they are.

  • L👀king very good especially with that dark fork tbh…

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Project three-ish (Dart, CAAD 9, CAAD 10 Track, Steamroller)

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