Project three (Dart, CAAD 9, CAAD 5 Track)

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  • Too good, don't suppose you have that fork lying around?!

    Funny enough been thinking about matt silver box section rims as a second wheelset, those look really nice.

  • Thanks dude, looking forward to seeing the progress on you black and gold CAAD 3

  • The whole bike is actually hung on the wall at a mates house, albeit with campag record cranks, chainring, wheelset.

    I’ve been promising him for a while to service it for him.

    Definitely go for shallow box sections!

  • :)

  • the caad 5 track is very nice. My favorite set up is the one with the GT steel stem and the campi seatpost. The Alpina fit perfeclty !

  • New wider/slimmer cockpit has landed. Acetone not touching the graphics so i'll need to get the wet and dry out when i can be bothered. Purple ano stem cap?

    A mate sorted me with a turbo trainer which has coming in handy during these dark times. It turns out i really benefit from the additional setback on the PMP and the cut out on the Rapha saddle on my 9 when on the trainer. The ST tube angles are different between the the track and road frames so unfortunately i can't just swap over the seating without having to faff with saddle angle and height. So i've dug out the only spare black seatpost i have and stuck an SLR on it. It's neither pretty or has the right amount of setback for me so i'm on the hunt for a Fizik Cyrano which has a super minimal clamp area and helps with the lack of showing seatpost. I have two SLR's so when a cover goes on one of them i'm thinking of stripping it and doing an Alcantara cover for a more slimline look.

  • I did the same to my SLR saddle. Some advice: make sure the glue isn’t too wet when you put on the alcantara or else it will soak through and the finish will be poor. And keep in mind that alcantara, due to its limited felxibility, is more difficult to drape over round shapes than leather, for instance. This means you have to be economical with the limited amount of flex the material affords and use it evenly. If you pre-stretch the material too much while draping it over the top of the saddle, the edges won’t be smooth since the material will overlap rather than stretch. Also, the material is very thin so any imperfections under the alcantara will show. That’s why I’d recommend practising on a test saddle to get a better feeling for the characteristics of the material.

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  • Uuuh looking clean! Is that still the GT stem?

    Re my cad3: many thanks! i fear though as i have to postpone it until the lockdown is over as it currently sits with my parents (and the parts are with me :v( )

  • Cheers for the Pro tips, looks like you managed a pretty good job. Is that glued straight to the base or is there a layer of foam underneath? Has it been durable?

  • Yep still the GT stem, probably my favourite part of the build although i'm not sold on the top cap.

    Shame you can't the bike back to yours, lockdown has proved the perfect platform for doing numerous pointless changes on all my bikes!

  • numerous pointless changes

    haha i loled

    Well, i am pretty sure i will be able to track some of those „improvements“ on my other bikes, too!

    Hope my quill stem will do a similar (aesthetic) job on the cad3 as the GT...

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  • I left the padding on there. So far it held up well, but i’ve only done around 500km on it, so far.

  • With time on my hands and a pretty much finished track bike that will not be going anywhere near a track for some time i've turned my attention to the road bike. Now that the Capo has Alpina's the Premium+ forks have been fitted to the C9 as originally intended. They ride better, are significantly lighter and have better clearances so a worthwhile forum sourced upgrade. I also think they look pretty good on there but i'm sure we can all agree the new bartape trial has not gone well.

    Speaking of forum finds an Ultegra R8000 FD and 6800 RD popped up cheap and local so i bagged these whilst ticking my daily exercise allowance and adhering to strict social distancing regs. Whilst checking out compatibility (never had 5800/6800 issues) it turns out the new gen 11 speed has different front ring spacing which might explain why i couldn't get the 5800 mech that well setup (or...). To say i'm impressed with the new R8000 front mech would be an understatement. I now have silky shifting, much better cable management, on mech cable tensioner (need to remove my inline jobby) and a lot more tyre clearance. Not bad for a tenner. Rear mech is slightly underwhelming by comparison, it feels the same as the 105 but matches the colour of the FD and says Ultegra so is already better. Slightly regretting not forking out for R8000 cranks but as i wanted 165's the R7000 were from memory about half the price. If anyone wants some tidy 5800 mech's i'll do both for £15 collected and can included 34.9 clamp.

    Undecided on bars atm. I've been doing laps of CP and fountain drive with a lot of climbing and descending and found that whilst i really like the flat section on the Neoclassics they're not particularly comfortable for me in the hooks if i'm trying to shift or brake. Today i tried out Deda RHM's and although i missed the flat section of the Neoclassic bar on climbs and flat roads i felt more comfortable in the drops descending. I'm not unconvinced i don't need a longer stem to get more comfortable in the drops on either bars so i'll try that next but at least for now i've found some tape i quite like.

    Bars need rotating down.

  • Surprised you fitted 25mm tyres under neath those forks.

  • Excellent build btw.

  • The Alpina's? Yeah a 25c GP4000 is a little toight but a regular 25 would be more than happy in there.

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Project three (Dart, CAAD 9, CAAD 5 Track)

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