The Hobby That Dare's Not Speak Its Name Aka Wargaming

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  • White Scars
    It's mainly based around trying to not lose before turn 3 then killing as much as possible, but I've found that doesn't work so well against armies that can do high turn 1 pressure.

    I may have also just ordered enough Grey Knights for a 1k list.

  • Fingers crossed you don't get totally swamped! Post up how it goes

  • Always thought the dozer blade was awesome on the vindicator.

    Does anyone play Kill Team?

    I used to play the first edition, but then the gaming group moved to Warcry. With the new edition there's enthusiasm to try Kill Team again.

  • Oh I'm absolutely getting swamped. This is my first opponents list
    He has 3 vehicles that do 2d6 shots, non-line of sight, s5, ap-2, 2d. Perfect Marine killers. A 60'' movement flyer, and a whole bunch of stuff with over 10'' movement. My only chance is to get in combat with them to shot them shooting.

  • I think they do screen these, as there was an incident of someone getting caught cheating on cam a couple of years back. Sorry can't help with links or such, but maybe its on their website?

  • Its nice seeing a White Scar list thats not just bikes and bikes. Somewhat ironic for a list seen on a bicycle website, but heigh ho :)

  • I gave it one go and it was enjoyable enough. Its def a spot that GW should really own - small actions with few models. I might try the new edition, if I can get someone with the rule book. Quite fancy a unit of the Sisters of Silence, as thats the weird stuff I like!

    Dozer blades look great. I've got one on a rhino too, as I had it kicking about in a box for years.

  • Does anyone play Kill Team?

    I played one game, me as orks, pal as tau. It didn't go well. Keen to play more but need to find time

  • I used to play Necromunda in the late '90's . That was great - is Kill Team a kind of equivalent (albeit with proper armies rather than gangs).

    edit - it's not! the new equivalent to Necromunda is... Necromunda. I didn't know a new version was around

  • The group I play with all collected 40k many years ago but have no desire to get back into the full armies/long games.

    Kill Team was the perfect gateway drug to getting back into the world of GW! Started with the intention of only having one team but that snowballed quickly...

    Got Necrons, Tyranids and some Grey Knights plus two warbands for Warcry.

    Should be getting my first game of the new edition this weekend, just need to finish building some models.

  • Here we go. Finished doing the bases and clear coat about 20 mins ago. Nothing lime a deadline to get something finished.
    Took the photo then realised I left out the chaplain on bike and landspeeder.

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  • Oh very nice! No quarter tomorrow!!

  • Here's to many very lucky rolls!

  • Fuck me that's awesome.

    Straight outta White Dwarf.

    What's the chapter btw?

  • Decent. Back in the day I used to love the Steve jackson games like awful green things from outer space, Ogre and car wars. Lost many an hour to them.

  • Just had a brain fart.

    White Scars.

  • 1200 points of Warmaster Orcs finished for a game tomorrow.

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  • Impressive. I really need to finish my Blood Bowl team.

  • Tournament done. Had a great time, ended up 270 / 600 players. I went loss, win, loss, draw, win. Orks, Grey Knights, Sororitas, Thousand Sons, Tyranids. The Grey Knights and Thousand Sons were highlights, really close games, the final one against Tyranids was a bit of a massacre because he went heavy on shooting and 80% of my army was quick moving melee so once I got in combat the game was mine.

  • .

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  • Top half of the table - good result! Good spread of W/L too.

  • Nice photos, especially the first one with the marine surrounded. Did it survive?

  • It did actually, normally you can't fall out of combat if you can't fit the base between the opponent's but there's a stratagem called desperate breakout that let him run away, then because they weren't in combat I could shoot them which killed half then charged with another squad that's much better at killing hordes.

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  • That sounds pretty brutal!

    Nice to see fully painted armies instead of the usual sea of grey.

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The Hobby That Dare's Not Speak Its Name Aka Wargaming

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