The Hobby That Dare's Not Speak Its Name Aka Wargaming

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  • Nicely done! I should get some to test and play around with, really.

  • Always wanted to play AT @ 40k. :o$

    For the shits n giggles.

  • So a couple of friends and I decided to put together 500 point armies for some matches once lockdown allows. I've been building White Scars, one's building Black Templars, the other is building Tyranids. I've done 10 intercessors, 3 outriders and half an Invictor Warsuit so far. Got a captain on bike to paint and that'll be the 500 points then I'm aiming at 1000 points. I picked up the new primaris chaplain on bike and an ATV, I'm going to get 2 more ATVs and some more outriders when they're available but not sure what else I should put in the list. I'll take some proper pictures soon but they need a little touching up first.

    I've got the new SM codex now as well as the new core rules book and waiting on the White Scars supplement from ebay.

  • Nice, looking forward to seeing some pics.
    My ork killteam is coming along painfully slowly but I am making occasional progress. Reminding myself that the real view distance isn't 6" and that they don't need to be perfectly painted. My gaming pal has moved back to York for the foreseeable though so it's only modelling and painting for me for now.

  • I tired killteam for the first time earlier in the year, for a campaign that stalled when lockdown arrived. Was pretty good in the game I had. I used Adeptus Arbites as my force, using IG rules

  • Poor pic, spent ages last night faffing trying to perfect the base colours before getting into the shading/highlights.

  • I see Hero Quest is available on Zavvi to pre order, I'm tempted to dive in to this dark art, but need to convince MrsDeth to be onboard/ player-2.

  • unless you are absolutely desperate for the specific nostalgic hit of playing actual hero quest*, there are many many better games in that vein now. a lot that can be played 1 player

    *for the heroquest nostalgia I prescribe this (which i acknowledge disproves my point above)­46A

  • Unless you already have it: Don't get the supplement, it's for 8th edition and probably not legal anymore in 9th.

    Also: Sounds like quite a strong list you're building. I pity the guy playing Tyranids. :D

  • Winters SEO on the Youtubes has quite a few AT Batreps on his channel. It looks really enjoyable to play, and the rules seem simple enough. And the models are just way cool.

  • One of the best youtube videos made, frankly. Bard did a new one about the updated Heroquest too and his predictions.

    Finished my Titan Legion - very happy, but not photographed them yet. I did find pics of my Belakor tho, which was an enjoyable evenings paint:

    God knows when it'll ever get table use though. Still, another one off the unpainted pile!

  • been binging winters SEO hard through lockdown... now thinking of picking up the Tau Start Collecting set after not touching a mini since my early teenage years

  • Yes! I can't remember if it was a link from here, but I've gone down a battle rep rabbit hole on youtube, there's a great Tau one here:

    I'm tempted to pick up the Custodes Start Collecting box... I'm just not sure I'd ever play with them, or even how to find someone to play with...

  • not sure I'd ever play with them.

    I'm in the same boat but I'm pretty sure just modelling/painting will kill 10s of hours of being stuck indoors over Winter - and make a nice change from staring at screens!

  • Now I don’t know if trump is into 40k but this was posted, completely without irony by a trumper on a twitter thread today.....

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  • Imperial Fists?

  • Well, space fascists led by a living corpse refusing to accept progression isn't too far off the mark.

    Theres a whole history of God Emprah Trump memes out there, should that be a rabbit one wishes to investigate

  • After 2 1/2 years of work, I've finally finished my American Civil War project. Just need to be able to get a game in!

    Estimate around 280-290 models per side.

  • Wow - 600 odd models - that's crazy, that must have been a massive undertaking! They look amazing individually, but as whole armies they look pretty spectacular.

    What game is it that they're used for?

  • Thanks! It was on and off with painting, so didn't seem to be too much work. Did them in three main sections across a few years, normally when building up to a game, so it did itself really.

    We use Black Powder for playing most of our historical games, as its a good free and easy system for multiplayer fun (at least, it will be when the Old Sergeant reopens again!). The Glory Hallelujah ACW supplement is well worth getting for the pics alone.

    Next years resolution is to finally make a big dent in my Napoleonics collection........which is the undisputed shame of my lead mountain.

  • I’ll be binning them soon but though I’d ask on here first. Free to anyone who can collect from W9. Don’t have to take it all.
    Bit of scenery, used bases, badly painted case with broken clips and a bunch of white dwarfs.

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  • Did a quick three week project to make a Dwarf army.

    Lovely dark age styled Dwarf metal minis too, and dirt cheap.

  • Never thought I'd see anything to do with Warhammer on Hypebeast

  • I just love that he made a career out of it. (Is that his parents house?) :oP

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The Hobby That Dare's Not Speak Its Name Aka Wargaming

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