The Hobby That Dare's Not Speak Its Name Aka Wargaming

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  • ‘Fess up then, who else has a box of half painted lead in their/their parents loft they can’t quite bear to part with?

  • Paging 'Andy Partridge'!

  • Yup, confession time....I was a massive games workshop nerd! Still got a fair bit of kit kicking around somewhere I think.

  • Weird things are happening in WH40K: for instance, the plotline is actually moving on from 'a grim blah blah of death, emperor throne blah blah', which is partly due to the old management retiring/fucking off. There's a long article about it:­predicting-the-present

  • Thanks for that. Not kept up with the story development for a while. Always prefered 40k to other warhammers.

  • I had tonnes and tonnes of GW stuff over the years - and I do have a couple of armies kicking about boxed up in my loft. Always preferred classic WFB over the 40K.

    More or less moved entirely over to historicals nowadays, mind, due to that being my primary interest now. Any GW related stuff tends to be more wallowing in classic Rogue Trader/WFB 3RD edition goodness.

    Been running some good big collective multiplayers in Wandsworth once a month or so, when dad duties allow. Use the Warlord rulesets for those, which is basically old school GW anyway.

  • Will have a read of that article in a bit, cheers.

    I've no idea whats happening in the 40K verse nowadays. The marines all getting bigger was the last thing I saw.

    Gave Age of Sigmar a go when it came out too. Didn't think much of it.

  • That article is genuinely fantastic! Cheers!

  • I dipped my toe back into classic Warhammer with the total war PC games recently and loved it. Do you get a good turn out for your games?

  • a mate from school is now one half of The Mitzy and Jimbo Show. if anyone follows that...

  • We get four on a regular. As our old club closed down a few years back due to Kids/Moves/Jobs its more difficult to get people back into the habit, but ideally we get 3-4 people. Its like herding cats sometimes, but then it always was back when trying to get a multiplayer

    The pubs quite good actually - free room! Its close enough to my house for me to throw the scenery and table into the boot and whip around there for an evenings gaming for everyone.

    Ideally we'd have a bigger pool of people, but things are what they are.

  • Thread brings back heaps of memories, thanks.

    For some reason my brain read that article to me as Adam Curtis.

  • Enjoyed Necromunda when I was younger, think it was the fact that collecting/maintaining a small gang was a lot more affordable than a more traditional army to someone that worked Thursdays and weekends!

  • Necromunda ruled! Many days spent playing that back in 95 rather than doing any GCSE work. That and Space Hulk

  • No lead, but a couple of boxes of hex wargames (sorry, 'conflict simulations') in the loft (including, niche-within-a-niche, some air wargames). Haven't played in the best part of a decade, but have kept the games in the hope that I might find a local group for the odd session once dad duties permit.

  • Did love Warhammer, 40k, Necromunda and Mordheim, then when I was about 14 I thought, "If I ever want to touch a girl's tits, all this stuff has to go." SAD!

    Sold it all once I finished uni on eBay and some of it fetched decent prices cos it was quite well painted.

  • Necromunda was perfect at school as you could knock a game out in a lunch break.
    Space wolves ftw.
    I too hit adolescence and chose girls and skateboarding over 40k

    Isn’t @>>>>>> a blood bowl dork?

  • I never chose - girls, booze, heavy metal, horror films, guitars and wargaming is basically my epitaph . Kinda like a hesher father jack

  • I had tons of dark angels and a fledgling tyranid army when I was a kid. Met a likeminded mate at uni, and when we went on our years in industry and spent the days texting we went a bit mad on ebay and now I have a more recent box of orks. He got tau, which i quickly realised meant I was fucked if we ever battled. Neither of us touched any of it - other than he put some of his in bleach to strip the paint. It's still submerged as far as I know.

    Anyone on instagram and into boardgames/miniatures/punk should follow dungeonpunx - great page

  • My parents bugged me for ages about getting rid of my warhammer stuff out the loft so ended up giving in last year and let them sell the lot, probbaly for the best as it'd been at least 10 years since I opened it. Had completely forgotten about necromunda though, that was decent and had nice rpg elements to it. Literally just remembered due to this thread, what was the orc in vehicles spinoff?

  • Digganob

    Not proud of that

  • Gorkamorka.

    Never really played that one. Get high points for the MadMax

  • ^ true actually. Digganob was the expansion pack which added new warbands like humans and goblins ("grotz"?)

  • Ah, this takes me back..

  • 1.25!!! those defo were the days.

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The Hobby That Dare's Not Speak Its Name Aka Wargaming

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