Sugino Autex self extracting bolt removal tool.

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  • Anyone have/know a shop that has one of these? It's the bit with the 2 'lips' at bottom left.

  • They presumably aren't in that tight so maybe you could use a pin spanner?

  • Got one out that way, other won't budge - tried a light few taps with screwdriver/hammer but thats not working either, and reluctant to go at it harder in case I ruin the interface.

  • Worst case you could make yourself the tool from a thick washer and file it to shape.

  • Sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs but your not trying to undonit with the crank bolt backed off into it are you?

    Just it’s a scenario I’ve come across before, colleagues etc fetching angle grinders and torches and stuff out to shift self extracters when just screwing the crank bolt back in to the axle a bit has done the job.

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Sugino Autex self extracting bolt removal tool.

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