Mid life crisis MTB’s - Raleigh 531 / Dale M400 / Giant Escaper

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  • The maths is simple:
    I'm over 40 so it's time to be nostalgic about those old fluoro 90's bikes.
    I have kids so I need a functional bike to carry shit, and them.

    Therefore I need a 90's fluoro dadbike, obviously.

    This should do nicely then.

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  • Pretty much original spec, Inc tyres so they're fucked.

    Plan is simples;
    new saddle and grips (got a rolls and some ESI in the shed somewhere)
    Tyres, not too big, want to be city and trail ready. Ideas?
    Front rack/basket.
    Kids seat on the back.


  • Awesome.

  • Strip and clean exposed a few things, as always.

    Cantis are fucked, so have some tektro 720s on the way as they were super cheap at sjs.

    Headset is just, well, weird. Tange did some odd things back in the day. I mean why do you need an adjustable top race, held in tension by a spring washer/lock ring/nut combo, which is turn kept in place by another lock ring and nut combo, all finished of with two (2!!) Rubber shields.... Oh and the bottom race is open to the elements. Weird. So that's getting replaced

    Rest of the drivetrain is old exage 3x7, hardly on trend but it's staying for the moment.

  • Love the paint job! Keep us updated. :)

  • nice! what age child are you carrying?
    when mine were smaller I had a seat mounted to the top tube and added bar tape to the centre of the bars for them to grab on to. much lighter and more stable than a seat at the back imo. plus easier to have a chat with them while riding!
    also frees up the rear rack for carrying more things.

  • I'd second the crossbar mounted seat. For one it's easier to get on and off the bike without kicking your sprog in the temple.

  • 3 going on 4, hence looking at a rear seat. From what I read she's almost at the limit of weight for a front seat.

  • Parts have arrived, sjs rack and tektro 720s ready to fit.

    Slapped a set of city jets on, 26x1.95 as it's gonna be all road riding, just need to repack the hubs and the wheels will be good to go.

  • Getting there.

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  • Basket sorted. Ratty or black would have been better, but finding it in exchange for a donation to the Bristol bike project trumps that.

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  • This is rad. I’m glad to see you got your Cannondale back too. That stem is screaming out for drops and bar end shifters imo #monstour

  • Maybe in the future, for now I can't get past the colour matched flat bars, so choice.

  • Almost done, just needs;

    New pedals
    Kiddy seats

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  • What width mudguards did you pair with the city jets?

    Need to do this to mine soon.

    Looks good.

  • Butt shot

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  • Pretty sure they're 60s

    I'll check the receipt

  • Thanks. Was hoping my current guards would work but I suspect they're too narrow.

    Actually they almost certainly won't (45mm). Cover the 1.5 Spesh Nimbus I've got with a bit of room though.

  • Full of win.

  • Flaps.

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  • This is rad!

  • Engage Dadbiek mode.

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  • this is absolutely rad mate!

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Mid life crisis MTB’s - Raleigh 531 / Dale M400 / Giant Escaper

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