Sub-Compact Subcompact Cranks / Cranksets (Praxis Works Alba, etc)

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  • I have their TT rings and they are, I think, 54T / 44T. I've not seen a 46T outer though. Maybe they do a CX version?

  • there is a 46T outer for CX as you say, sadly 100 quid

    I'm wondering if two wolftooth 1x rings would work.

  • 1x rings aren't designed to ship chains sideways though.

    I paid like £165 or something for my TT rings and they're barely used, 100 is bargs :).

  • Assuming chainline between the dingle and the two chainrings is good, I figured the 1x rings might be good for riding fixed.

  • Oh, you gonna manually swap the chain? I was thinking of shifting but yeah if you're using sliding dropouts or whatever and just dumping the chain over by hand it's a non-issue.

  • Why not use two combinations of front/rear rings that add up to the same number of teeth. Wont need to adjust the drop outs then?

  • This is also an option, but with the rocker dropouts I have some lattitude for a wider gear range. I’d have to loosen them anyway to swap the chain over.

  • Ah yes the screw on dingle only has two teeth difference and the 3 teeth difference ones may not be enough and are hard to get hold of. I had the same problem and switched to a splined hub to get round this.

  • Just destroyed my BB in 600 miles. That was fun...

    Might go down the shimano route

  • anyone got a decent one of these for sale? 170mm / Rotor pref - 46/34 ish

  • i've got praxis cranks that'll fit 48/32 for sale. No idea if they'll go to 46 but 34 won't be a problem... They come with 50/34 rings though, as I don't want to split. Sure you could move the 50t ring on.

    edit: they are for the praxis m30bb which might be an issue for you. That said, they are great bottom brackets...

  • I'm a dummy and bid on and won a SRAM Red 165mm crankset, only to discover its a 53/39 130bcd ... any way I can make it compact? Or do i need to buy a whole new crankset?



  • any way I can make it compact?


    Or do i need to buy a whole new crankset?


  • Could do a 1x setup maybe ?

  • yes smallest would be 38t I think

  • Try it, you might like it.

  • Anyone had issues running a 46/30 crankset on their bikes?
    Looking to maybe get the FSA cranksets on my Carbonda but wonder if I can

    1. Get the FD low enough to be close to the 46T chainring
    2. Getting it low enough results in the derailleur cage fouling the chainstay
    3. The 30T inner ring resulting in the chain rubbing and destroying the chainstay
    4. Increased likelihood of dropping the chain shifting from the big to small chainring.

    Ultimately want to end up with a 46/30 paired with an 11-36 or 11-40 cassette. And no, I don't want to go 1x as I'm ultimately aiming for the lowest gears possible.

  • Increased likelihood of dropping the chain shifting from the big to small chainring.

    The 16T difference is the same as on a standard compact 50/34

  • @hippy does this assuage your subcompact power meter woes?

    This was one of the big pieces of feedback that came from my review of Easton’s super-compact double rings on my EC90 SL cranks last year: people loved the idea of the 46/30 ring combo, the adaptability of the Cinch system, and the option to add a spindle-based power meter – but the price of the carbon crank arms was somewhat prohibitive.

    So here’s the deal. EA90 crank arms will run you a cool $120 USD, in comparison to $400 for the EC90 SL arms. You still have to buy a bottom bracket for $50 and choose a chainring setup ($80 for a single ring or $150 for a double).­easton-ea90-aluminum-cranks-morgan-taylo­r/

  • This looks ideal - the price of the whole system had been putting me off before but this could definitely work.

  • shimano needs to hurry up with their offering to make all of this look expensive nonsense

  • i run 46/30 w/ 14/28 cassette and no worries here.

  • Yeah would be ok if they do short crank lengths. I've just bought a Quarq and will run a big cassette this year. I'll deal with the bigger gaps between gears.

  • An update to this thread is that my Tripster gravel bike now runs one of these cranksets:­l-power-meter/­co-gravel-rotor-power2max-edition-set/

    It's 46/30 and I'm running it with Di2 Ultegra RD R8050 (shadow type) rear derailer with no Wolftooth. It's using GRX hydro/Di2 levers.

  • I have used 44/33 on Shimano compact no bother.

    But, what you really want is any 110bcd triple square taper chainset run as sub-compact using inner and middle. Look at Spa cycles. They do cranks down to 150mm or shorter and nice chainrings. Or a vintage XT is nice.
    This can be done for close to the weight of Ultegra with a decent square taper BB and obviously you can tweak the chainline, probably for outer (middle) ring as the most-used.

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Sub-Compact Subcompact Cranks / Cranksets (Praxis Works Alba, etc)

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