Can't Afford A Jeff Jones? Here's A Free Bike!

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  • How are you getting on with this esp. the fork/headset debacle?

    I noticed this cheap fat bike fork for sale on Facebook which reminded me of this build, thought it might be an option for you.

    Not sure what the A-C is - I guess it came off a Cooker Maxi but don't know.

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  • It's on hold for now, however I do have a new brakeset for it, a full front and rear Clark M2 brakeset including rotor, pads, fully bled, and even the adaptor.

    Plus it's pretty much a copy of a Shimano brakes making light work of bleeding it, take standard Shimano pads which helped massively.

    It's inferior to the Avid Elixir/Shimano XT on the bike, however they both need servicing and I only have mineral oil bleed kit, the piston is sticky the rotor need replacing and the pads is contaminated.
    Giving the cost of the Clark at a smug over £30, it's a pretty no brainer to go for a full set of brakes for the cost of a pair of new rotor.

    Lastly, the 650b wheelset arrived, and soon the On-One Cromo disc fork.

  • SO, it’s getting there, the budget 650b wheelset fitted and the Clarks brakes fitted as well as the cheap conti tyres installed, so far under budget.

    Last thing to think about is the fork, current fork is OK, but would need a wider one, either suspension or good old rigid, I'm quite tempted to go for the latter as it is cheaper and lighter.

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  • Won this, 27.5 ECR fork with clearance for 3" tyres, did not go for the On-one fork, thankfully so as this is cheaper;

    Nearly there! reckon a 2.4 rear and 2.6 front would be a good balance.

  • I’m tickled, fork a little shorter but ride position is similar as a compressed suspension fork.

    Next step; 2.6 on the front and put 2.4 on rear, or fit the 2x Big-One 2.35 tyres for ultimate urban riding.

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  • Have to says £55 is amazing value for a nearly new Surly ECR 27.5 fork, not a rust in sign.

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  • Looks very good!

  • Dude that’s over half my monthly salary!

  • It been a while but I finally managed to get further forward on this budget rigid MTB.

    On-one have shamefully copied the Jeff Jones bar and it’s far too cheap to resist (at the same time Jeff Jones releases a budget version which given the exchange rate, still too expensive).

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  • On-one also have their own narrow-wide chainring that not only super cheap but it’s threaded and spaced already to allow a good fit without the chain rubbing on the bolt/arm, now a 30t chainring with a 11-40t 8 speed cassette.

    A much better range, abet I feel I benefit more with a 9 speed 11-46 (or even 11-50 9 speed, yes they exist) for proper off road touring.

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  • Overall I’m pleased with it, £250 spend insofar and it pass as a Surly, if you squint hard, have glaucoma, and cannot process information well.

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  • Looks proper rad, and I love the color(less) scheme. Needs a black rear derailleur. :)

  • goog job ed.

  • Really nice. Reminds me I've got some titec j-bars somewhere I've been meaning to put on the mtb.

  • on-one also have their own narrow-wide chainring

    Threaded as in you only need 'half' of a double chainring bolt to use them?

  • Awesome bike.

  • Exactly, you just need the Male bolt instead of both Male and Female.

    Here's the chainring, only £13.­n-one-ringmaster-chainring

  • well that's very useful, are the logos silk screened or laser etched on? Also can I see a better view of this

    spaced already to allow a good fit without the chain rubbing on the bolt/arm


  • Logos look to just be printed on.

    As for the built in spacer, hard to see but it’s inbetween chainring and crank.

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  • Excellent thanks Ed, I want to drop to 30 from 32 so I'll get one of them.

  • It function exactly as intended for £13, felt 30t is spot on nowadays never gonna go fast enough to need a 34t or even 36t.

  • Most 30t 104bcd narrow/wide chainrings are threaded/thicker - only way to make the chain clear the spider. Nifty trick

  • The 32 and 34t version isn’t the same (ironically more expensive).

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Can't Afford A Jeff Jones? Here's A Free Bike!

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