Max’s Bikes! AKA Why ride anything other than steel...

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  • After a false start of starting this thread in the wrong section of the forum (I blame post work brain), take two...

    Bought this off @tomsvoboda, it's a 2002 fillet brazed NJS Umezawa. Hoping to build this up fully NJS and live my HHSB dreams

    Don't really know which flavour of NJS I'm going to go for, but I do love the sparkley Sueze hubs, would go nicely with...

    Suggestions welcome!

  • Hopefully did the photos correctly this time too...

  • Ouf, just my kind of NJS frame!

  • Hoping to build this up fully NJS and live my HHSB dreams

    This is a really nice frame but full NJS is definitely not hhs. Still going to be sick though!

  • But what if I use risers 🤔

  • There are no NJS risers :P

  • I'll change the description to almost fully NJS if it'll make you feel better ;)

  • Need a Dura Ace headset if anyone has one...

  • Oooooooooh! Luvvvvverly. A very exciting project will be following it with great interest.

  • Or build it full NJS and say it’s HHS, which is the most hhs thing to do :P

  • Haha I got a shock when I first seen it in the For Sale section!
    Nice saddle, love that style.
    I maaaay have a few DA headsets stashed away somewhere, let me check for you.
    Looking forward to the build, really is a unique NJS number :)
    Cheers and enjoy! T

  • Just picked up these off @JT22

    Ignore the surprise Chandler in the background...

  • Welcome to the Umezawa club. I think an a Suzue CF wheelset with black rims and spokes would look v hhsb on this!

  • Got bored of waiting and saving so threw the wheels off my other bike onto this and went for a spin

    It’s sooooooo nice, never ridden fixed on actual nice steel tubes and it’s like magic. It’s way too rainy and I’m way too hungover to take it out for a proper burn but I’ll be heading over to Richmond on it tomorrow so that’ll be a good 30 Mile baptism, if the weather holds up

  • Also, for the sake of cleanliness I’ll turn this thread into a collection of all my bikes, no point having 4 threads!

    This is my 1978 KHVZ Rekord which I had shipped over from Riga, it’s a little bit beater quality but it’s nice to ride, even if the tubing is a bit Soviet... Current plan is to keep it as is, used mainly for short ish rides where it’ll be locked up outside somewhere.

    Just picked this up recently, it’s an 80s ish Cinelli MTB, it’s fully sick. Fluro > not fluro. This is gonna stay as is and be a runabout on campus and local areas, only thing I’ve changed so far is putting some slicker tyres on. Possible plans to make this into something special in the future

    It made sense to have at least one proper geared bike, and this Soma Smothie fills that role for me. Nothing too eventful, mismatch of SRAM 1x groupset and some SPIN carbon wheels. Again, no real plans for change anytime soon unless something comes up...

    I’ve got a few frames lying around as well, an 8bar Mayhem which was taken out of service once the Umezawa was built, an old tiny Peugeot road frame that was going to be built up for an ex, right before we broke up (oops), and this single speed MTB frame which I keep having plans for and keep never actually doing anything about

  • You work at cycleworx by any chance?

  • I do, on Fridays. Why?

  • Cinelli mountain bike is raaaad, was so tempted glad someone else bought it!

    Umezawa is beaut, what's the plan for the rest of it?

  • It’s only the wheels, gonna have sueze pro max hubs laced to Archetype rims I thiiiink, love the way these rims looks on the bike rn and anything NJS is gonna be tubular, which isnt great for sick skidz

  • Right, I need some stronger wheels and a rear rack for the Soma, climbing rope is decidedly way too heavy for 30+ miles on my back

    Suggestions? Need a rack, bags, wheels, and anything else I've forgotten

  • Slightly delayed update, this was purchased from @hanuman

    Plan is Rigid MTB/Tourer/Iwantagravelbike.jpg.

    Anyone have any experience with the Sunrace 12s groupset? Fitted one the other day at work and it looks super sexy, didn't get a chance to try it though. 1x12, 26" thicc rubber, hydro discs and bullmoose bars sounds like it would be fun, no?

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Max’s Bikes! AKA Why ride anything other than steel...

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