• SOLD 1. Sram Omnium crankset, B.B. & Miche 48t ring.

    Cranks in very good condition. Minor surface marks and a little scuffing to crank ends. Worst of this pictured.

    Cranks are 165mm.

    48t Miche chainring in very good used condition, paint loss on teeth but no discernible west to the tooth profile.

    B.B. in good smooth condition. Always used in a faced B.B. shell do no untoward wear.

    SOLD £100 posted to your door. SOLD

    2 - Pair of 53t and 39t Shimano SG chainrings which came with a set of Dura Ace 7402 cranks I just bought.

    Teeth in good used condition, a little wear to the profile but still look really good.

    £20 posted to your door.

    More items to follow...

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  • More Omnom photos.

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  • Chainring photos

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    • 16591CE0-363F-421B-A3C6-D1A2C63BA9AE.jpeg
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  • Dibs omnium

  • Omnoms SOLD.

  • New stuff,

    Leaky Deore disc brake.

    Left hand lever with 74cm of hose.

    Caliper developed a leak, probably from around the piston?

    Lever in good shape, minor scoffing to top bleed port.

    £10 posted to you or free with any other purchase. withdrawn

    HS33 parts horde.

    Bag of mixed spares for HS33 brakes.

    There’s 5 slave cylinders, a pile of mounts, some levers, a pair of nice alloy pad backings, lots of hosing. Some might not be HS33 actually, maybe you can recognise the fittings?

    There’s also a 31.8mm Hope seatclamp with a rather buggered qr lever in there.

    £10 posted to you or free with anything else.

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    • 170F7D9D-4AC4-48EA-AE14-C79D9959C1C4.jpeg
  • SOLD Ratty rattle canned Ultegra 6600 cranks and B.B.

    Perfect working order just badly painted/badly chipped and scratched.

    BB-R60 (Ultegra level) bottom bracket included. Bearings still nice.

    172.5mm crank arm length, 130bcd.

    £20 posted to you. SOLD

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    • BF478A90-448E-41A2-A316-9999ED176233.jpeg
    • 14D3503E-6879-4C8D-8D55-BEB682AF5229.jpeg
    • EEDCAA4B-90D0-4F67-9274-7097C8B8ABF6.jpeg
    • 0AC5718A-2302-43B8-B421-ACEC6423E51D.jpeg
  • SOLDDay one fork. 700c, is disc mount.

    Used condition. Marks all over but nothing big, no major corrosion or anything worrying.

    400mm a2c, 220mm of steerer.

    £30 posted to you. SOLD

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    • E45FF915-D5A9-4D1C-B624-5272B96CEAD1.jpeg
    • 251A532C-E868-4BBB-80B7-D1D8F4769950.jpeg
    • 8DB8525B-18FE-4485-AAB9-4B46B65484EB.jpeg
    • 5AF69594-3A06-4A2E-8588-9D594BC91F5F.jpeg
  • dibs on the Day1 forks if they're still available?

  • second dibs on forks

  • Hi can I get the hs33 bits thanks

  • Hey sorry man, only just seeing this. You still interested?

  • Avid BB7 calipers.

    I have 1x mountain and 1x road caliper. Both in good condition, the road caliper in slightly better nick. Mountain caliper missing the smaller, lower rubber cable ferrule. Plenty meat on the pads in both.

    Mtn £15 £12 Road £20 £17 posted. withdrawn

  • Cantis,

    1 full bikes worth of LX cantis with Salmon Koolstops, cable hangers and/or avid straddle yokes. No bolts, no cables. If it’s not in the photos, it’s not included.

    £20 posted.

    5 Attachments

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    • BBC724AB-85C5-4477-A9C1-FF6B112FD722.jpeg
    • 038BF021-47FF-46C1-BFBC-FB281C082B27.jpeg
    • 0613AE68-8F8C-46EA-97AE-B21523990C19.jpeg
    • 2513ABF0-C4DD-4C4A-8BF5-47AC4AF6293A.jpeg
  • More cantis,

    An older pair of Deore(?) M651 arms with a pair of Suntour pads fitted. Nice condition.

    Tape around bottom of them is just so the springs and plastic covers don’t go awol.

    £10 posted.

    3 Attachments

    • 49F49523-867D-44AE-A6B9-B9A51FE96977.jpeg
    • 81E88F89-9C79-43E5-8A90-13F65DF05277.jpeg
    • 566FAA9E-3CCA-4D3A-8E46-73C8AA9B7817.jpeg
  • Couple quid off the BB7s and making the leaky disc and HS33 parts horde free with anything other purchase for a Monday morning bump.

  • I'll take the MTB BB7 caliper if you change your mind!

  • Sorry they sold on eBay.

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For Sale: BB7 (road & mtn), cantis, Shimano DA c.rings, leaky Deore disc brake, HS33 parts horde

Posted by Avatar for M_V @M_V