YARF - yet another retro functional

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  • thanks! probably yes, although a new rack is planned. current one is crap!

  • bars + seatpost are on. had to switch stem due to oversize bars. feels good but will take a few rides to get used to the width #ooer

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  • Nice. Very similar to my own bike, although I was enjoying my mudguards with flaps this morning. Public bike repair stand looks good, haven't seen many/any of those here (Bristol)!

  • yes, i'm debating mudguards. although with it being a functional i guess there shouldn't really be a debate.
    maybe i'm trying to keep it FUNctional? and maybe mudguards aren't fun?
    i'd like to be able to wheelie it, could fit a short rear guard as i won't be doing group rides on it... dunno
    the bike repair stands are at the station - there's a big fixed to the floor track pump as well! not that i've ever had to use any of it but at least it's there if the need arises!

  • just popped into the local graf shop...
    ideas forming...

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  • I so want a crackle bike.

  • Looking good!
    Always nice to see a DBAD sticker in the real world too.

  • narrow wide chainring arrived and fitted - we are practically mechanically complete!

    still to do:
    reposition front light (completely blocked when anything is in the basket...)
    nicer rack
    new saddle at some stage (brooks b17?)
    bigger volume tyres
    special paint

    also pondering wether 29's would fit and would it be wise or even possible?

    n.b. no apologies for pants and socks

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  • small update - rubbish photo.
    60mm mudguards fitted (needs flap)
    tyres look super skinny now so in the market for some fat ones.
    considering rapid robs or these palm bay cruiser type things...

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  • Looks good. I'm so impressed with that public work stand/tool station! Luffguss sticker noted.

  • 97% finished for now.
    put some knobblies on from the shed. 26x2.0 fast track which just fit under the 60mm guards, I certainly wouldn't want to go any bigger.
    I'm going to keep an eye out for a better rear rack, I've made a flap template for the front guard but need to get a bit of leather.
    I'll decide in the spring if I'm going to paint it or not.
    also made a rubbish decal for shits'n'gigs

    also, some ne'er-do-well decided to relieve me of my front light last week while locked up at the station, so I need to purchase a new light.

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  • Much nicer with beefier tyres, good job!

  • It's now stealthy enough the seatpost logo's bothering me. Attack with acetone please. Otherwise thumbs up!

  • one more item ticked off the list - LX parallel push v-brakes purchased and fitted (thanks @Netakure )
    yarf has been decent on the ice over the last couple of days. only a couple of miles to the train as I didn't fancy the full 12 odd miles with that much of the slippy stuff around...
    dropped the tyre pressures a bit and it felt pretty solid

    oh, seatpost logo also removed ;)

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YARF - yet another retro functional

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