• Just whiteness a cyclist run over by a lorry on Jamaica Cyclist was talking but not moving. Both legs was crushed and from what I can remember it looked like the cyclist was trying to filter and was caught in the middle of the truck.

  • That sounds horrible! And horrible to witness. Fingers crossed for the rider

  • That sounds very bad, thoughts are with the cyclist.

    Must be tough for you too, as painful as it might be maybe try write everything down, perhaps as you remember it through the day.
    Being a witness to such things is very traumatic, my wife witnessed something similar and found writing it down a bit like emptying her head of it as well as being useful when she was called as a witness.

  • I think this is the first time I’ve whiteness this first hand and your right, writing about it wasn’t easy at all. But my thoughts are definitely with the cyclist atm.

  • Take care of yourself Ho, this might hit you hard later.

  • Thoughts with the rider and also with you.

    Sorry you witnessed this. Well done for taking notes. The last time I had to administer first aid roadside I got back on my bike and it was later that shock hit me- tears, lightheaded etc.

  • Already contemplating not riding back home this evening.

  • This, I want to cheer myself up with music and get the thought out of my head but with no prevail, really hit me when I turn the music off and thought about what just happened. Hopefully berthing my head with work will make me forget this for a while.

  • Have some sugary foods and possibly ask for a little time out at work if you feel you need to call someone or have a breather. Call someone you love and tell them how much you care about them. Remind yourself about the good things in your life.

  • Just go home dude. You won’t get any work done today. Not enough people taking sick days for their mental health, you’re entitled to it.
    Thoughts with the rider, sounds absolutely awful. My worst fear.
    As above, write your own statement of everything that happened, you could be asked about it months down the line, even a couple of years if there’s ever any court proceedings.
    Look after yourself man. Ride safe everyone.

  • I cycled past an hour later and just seeing the squashed bike and police tape everywhere turns my stomach, something about it happening on your usual commute (and usual time if i hadnt been late this morning) that seems to hit me, cant even begin to imagine what it would be like to witness it.

  • Thoughts with you and the rider, dude.

    ^^ Listen to PhilDAS and go home. I had similar feelings when I saw someone hit by a train a few years back. Make sure you speak to someone close to you (or even not so close) and don't store it all up.

  • Thoughts with the rider and with you Ho.

  • Maybe for the best, we all react differently but it's not unusual to have something remind you and a wave of emotions come flooding in.

  • Ouch. Heart goes out to him and his family.

    @HoKe take some time bro. Don't ride if your mind is wandering. we know too well how many assholes are trying to step out/crush us or ride our bumper.

  • *big hug* Ho

  • Thanks for all the kind words everyone, talking about has made it a lot easier to process what happened today. But really happy to hear the cyclist is alive on the process of recovery.

  • Ho, have a look at the RoadPeace page on emotional support--mainly aimed at bereaved or traumatised families, but it may be worth looking at for you as a witness, too:


  • Hope your doing ok @HoKe and I hope the best for the rider and his recovery.

  • I was the cyclist

    I don't know where to start, it's now been 2 months and 2 days, words can't even express how grateful I am to all the people who stopped too help me on 7th of August on the road when I had the collision with the lorry.

    This is a journey I made to work for the past 15 years working at Guy's Hospital also this was the first accident I've ever had so from the bottom of my heart I'm grateful and thankful and humble for all the help I received in that day, and I think it's only right to update you on my progress.

    I have a lost my right leg due to the accident and I'm still receiving Hospital care, but yes I'm still breathing as my family and friends would like to say in which I'm finding it very hard to deal with, so
    once again thank you very much for all the help I received from the bottom of my heart I am truly thankful.

    The cyclist from Jamaica Road

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  • Thank you for thinking of me
    peace and love ❤️

  • Thanks for letting us know.

    Hope you continue to recover reasonably smoothly from this terrible crash.

    It can't be easy!

  • Your more than welcome I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped me I have tried contacting newspapers as well to see if they could get a message out because I know there was a lot of good samaritans what stopped to help me at the roadside, words can't express how humble I feel thank you very much.

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Cyclist down by lorry Tuesday 7th August on Jamaica Road around 7:40am

Posted by Avatar for HoKe @HoKe