Another Functional Fox, '89 Seeker

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  • My Nelson Pista got hit by a mobile crane while locked outside a building site and frame is badly dented. I've been wanting to build up a functional retro mtb for ages after seeing some great builds on here, so it seemed like a good time. I picked up this lilac '89 muddy fox seeker on an Irish buy and sell site for €60. It's a bit small and needs some work but very please with it. The plan is a pretty paint by numbers retro mtb commuter. My girlfriend wants to try out touring so this could be great for her to use too.

    Needs new tyres, cables (yellow), chain etc and I think the RD cage might be bent. I'm gonna get some wide back-sweep risers, mudguards and a canti-mounted front rack (have a wald already). It'll mainly be used on the road but I'd like tyres that can handle a bit rough. Big apples seem to be a popular choice, maxxis seem to have some options, any suggestions? Eventually I'd like to put some v brakes on but I'm new to all this, so not sure what will work. I'd also like to try a cheap 1x set up but I'm not sure it had a freehub or a free wheel.

    Here's a bad picture for now with more to come

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  • Sweet. Love the colour.
    Switching to v brakes you'll have to change the levers too. Something to do with cable pull ratios. I’d invest in compressionless housing too. Massively improved performance of my cantis.
    1x8 with shimano megarange with 32 ring up front will work nicely if you don’t have massive hills to climb.

  • Pity about your Nelson. These Foxes are very nice though, make sure to bomb us with updates! :)

  • Ditto, a nice buy too/good price, not too mention a great era for the 'Fox. I'm looking forward to this!

  • So I was cycling home during the week and the freewheel failed, sprockets came off the body and bearings spilled out everywhere. Never really worked on a bike with a freewheel before, so not sure what will work as a replacement. It happened as I was passing a bike shop and they said it couldn't be fixed and to toss the sprockets, in retrospect I'm not sure if this was good advice. Assuming the hub threads are ok would a cheap shimano 7 speed one work? Not sure if the sprocket spacing will work with the shifter indexing, but would be ok with switching to fiction. Not sure if I want to sink money into a modern wheel and drive train at the moment.

    Freewheel or cassette?

    If you want it simple determine if you have a freewheel or not and replace with similar?

  • would be ok with switching to fiction

    Me too. Reality is so drab.

  • Parts have been ordered. Went with big apples, sks bluemels and cheap procraft City bars. Fitted a cheap shimano freewheel and its shifting ok now. Although the rear wheel bearings are also nearly toast, so the wheels will probably need replacing eventually.

    Here is some inspo for the build.

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  • I can only say good about the Big Apples, great choice!

  • Bike is coming together now. I got this canti mounted rack:;p­roduct=195922;menu=1000,5,79

    But the brake bosses are too wide to mount it. I didn't know there were different size pivot bosses. Anyone know how to figure out what size they are?

  • Just bend the struts carefully, unless it's miles off. You'll be fine. I tortured the same rack with a mapp torch recently and almost didn't kill it.

  • Sorry I mean the mounting holes in the rack are too narrow for the diameter of the posts. I could try filing the rack but seems risky to me.

  • Yeah I'm dumb, it fits.

  • Just finished building up the bike yesterday, I left it locked up last night and my back wheel got stolen. I should know better but annoying as it had a new tyre and freewheel. Didn't get a chance to take a proper picture before.

    So I now need to get new wheels! There are some cheap sets on rose which use "xtreme" rims and various shimano hubs.­els/mtb/rim-brake?sort=price_asc&size%5B­%5D=26%22

    I'm looking at going for this set, is there any point spending more on different hubs or rims?­-m-zx-19-shimano-deore-610-mtb-wheelset-­717084

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  • Quick snap with the new wheelset with 8 speed cassette, they're heavy but seem sturdy. Couldn't get another 2.0 big apple so got a cheap kojak. I have a cheap ebay 1x chainring on the way from Taiwan. Really please with it so far.

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  • .

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  • Looks like a great bike for errands and commuting!

  • Turned out lovely!

  • Some updates. Crashed the front rack so replaced it with a very good value but heavy gamoh rack. Upgraded to some Deore V brakes, which are far better. Someone stole the grips so got some Ergons. Installed cheap 1x.

    Really love this bike, it's heavy but perfect for booting around town. Pretty much finished for the moment, just needs raw mud-flaps. Might upgrade to 1x 10 and a bigger wald when I'm feeling spicy. Also wish I'd gone for conti contact speeds tyres.

    My camera shutter broke so please excuse the crap phone pic

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  • This has been robbed in Dublin. Please keep an eye out any Dubliners please xx

  • Bloody hell, hope it'll get back to you!

  • That sucks. Hope you get it back.

  • Great news, I got it back. I found it in a very disreputable bike yard in the city centre and "recovered it" All fully intact

  • No way! Congratulations!

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Another Functional Fox, '89 Seeker

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