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  • Almost finished, build thread when it's done.

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  • Wow. Is that for carrying two cargo bikes with your cargo bike?!

  • No, for carrying many kids bikes and an adult bike to teach humans how to ride.

  • Having trouble progressing my sack truck - bike trailer conversion. Got some wheels with a 20mm bore, and the existing axles are 6mm bolts. Anyone know where I might find a 20mm tube with 6-10mm bore that I can use as the axle extensions?

  • Cheers. I did design an axle which would be the neatest solution, but the local machine workshop wanted £100 to make them! I'll drop him a line and see what he can do.

  • Best Facebook purchase ever, £100 for this Burley Flatbed, might be getting to the point where I might need a cargo bike...

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  • need a trailer for a few months before I can get myself a cargo bike.

    can anyone comment on the difference of coupling at the rear axle or the seat post?

    looking at these two as can't afford a burley flatbed!

  • I had both types but still have one like the bottom picture. Chucking your leg over the back getting on the bike is easier with the lower mounting position. Mine's just for shopping/fishing and I haven't done anything more interesting with it.

  • ^^ Top one obviously you can wheel around like a trolley as well. Bottom one you can’t.

  • 240l of soil in a Bob. Bit snaky but doable ;)

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  • My sibling is after a small trailer to carry gardening stuff round to an allotment.

    What's the best/ most stable option.


  • I can’t speak for other trailers but we’ve been using our Bob for allotment stuff. With the cunning addition of an IKEA bag it carries pretty much everything. Being open at the back means we’ve done tools, lengths of bamboo etc.
    What it’s not so good for is materials like timber etc. 240l of soil as pictured above was def close to safe load limit as was creaking and general sketchiness...

  • The Burley Flatbed is very versatile. I've done everything with mine. Huge loads of trash to the skip. Several bags of compost at a time. Get several bungie cords and a bungie cargo net and you're sorted for pretty much anything

  • @edmundro @EB thanks

    @GusPedl let me know if you are selling the Burley

  • Anyone used a Burley Travoy?

  • Hi everyone, I’ve not been around in a long time but is anyone interested in a kid carrying trailer? My kids have outgrown it. Photos in the link - it's a 3rd or 4th hand burley rental cub with the hard plastic bottom. could probably use some new tires, and there's some rusty bits, and a few small tears in the cover. Would come with two hitches for easy swaps between two bikes… £175?­tdOXmJ0eJVn

  • I'm tempted to get a burley nomad just for shopping trips etc in an effort to use the car less that it already doesn't get used. It looks quick release which is good for the home end and getting it ready/stored but not so good for the shop end where it'll likely get thieved.

    Aside from unhooking it at the shop and locking the frame, are there other options?
    Other similar trailers with locking hitches?

    I think I prefer the axle ones to keep the weight/connection point down low

  • I’ve got a carry freedom rather than a burley. But I got basic padlock with a long shackle that I use to attach the trailer rather than the pin it came with. Not super high security but it’s been fine for popping into a shop for half an hour.

    Not sure if the same would work with the burley though.

  • Anyone know a good 2 wheels trailer that's as big as can be but not huge with a good load rating. I want to hook it to an e bike to drag stuff up a steep hill.

    Burley flatbead the best? Anything a bit bigger?

  • Roland and Convoy make flat beds trailers.

  • Ace thanks those look good. Though not sure on the stress of a high mounting, need to think on that. Will be using a jazzy carbon ebike to haul it up 20% and that's some force. Big money thought they are.

    There website marketing doesn't have the trailer photographed with a bike, so it's hard to quickly gauge the sizes. Weird oversight.

  • The Burley is a great trailer for day to day use and nice and light but Carry Freedom has a much higher load rating, bigger wheels, and the option of a wide axle to take really big stuff, so if you're going to really tax it I'd go for that, despite the much higher cost. The Burley hitch is much much better though

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Bike trailers

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