Paris Brest Paris 2019 (PBP)

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  • Oof, and I like the look of all of these. A Scottish SR is an idea for another year

  • Yeah, signed up for this entire series!

    This season one of my sub-goals is to do a SR series of Scottish Perm events too before the calendar events get proper busy. Done the Kingdom Come 400 back in December. 200 Around Ben Klibreck, 300 Snow Roads & 300 Central Scotland, Twighlight 600

  • A Scottish 400 that goes through ski country in December has got to be testing...!

  • For the snow roads 300 which we're doing on Feb 23rd organiser said we were nuts. Figured I'd done 4/5 of the big climbs in last month or so and survived so why not chance it.

  • I'm in. 90 hours, 8pm start on the Sunday.

  • I'm in. 7pm on Sunday.

    I entered last night and then couldn't sleep for two hours. Good audax preparation.

  • Yay! I hope I don't regret going for the 8pm option :|

  • Managed to get through the overloaded website at 11pm and get my entry in for the 7pm group

  • Anyone know what you need to enter at the 'Payment of the activity' bit?

  • if you go back and then forward again it pre-populates it with your entry number. mine began PBP-something

  • If you go back to the main screen you can see your entry number, should be something like "PBP-XXXX"

    where XXXX are numbers.

    EDIT: yep, what @plasticniki said!

  • Ah cheers, I've paid. Did you guys get an email or anything confirming your place?

  • yeah, about 5 minutes after paying

  • Just got it :) Going for the 5.30am start Monday

  • I had made my mind up that I'd go for 90h as early as possible. Race from the start line, blow up four hours in, limp for the rest of the night ;-)

    I doubt the start time will make that much difference.

  • Entered :-)

  • Realise I want to be in the 84hr if I can, now regretting not riding anything over 300 last year.

    Might be slim pickings by the time I can pre-register...

  • I'm on the 84hr, 515 start time. Now working out where to stay, a very shady Air BnB could well be the best option left in Rambouillet...

  • What have I done? Got what I could - 9pm start for the 90 hours. Trip to France in the summer it is then.

  • That's me qualified. Eurostar and hotel booked.

  • I'm still waiting on my 400 and 600 results to complete registration. The 400 was on the 18th May, so I guess the ACP validation must be imminent?

    I am a relative noob to this excessive distance cycling, so I discovered some things over last weekend's 2nd ever 600. Mainly that my knees like it when I stay seated, but my arse starts to get very uncomfortable without the relief of standing up. So with this in mind, how bumpy is PBP actually? In terms of road surface, and hilliness? There were some dreadful sections on my 300 and 600 which were like riding on stones stuck together with tar. And downhills ending with an intersection at the bottom. I hope PBP is kinder.

  • Pbp has far better road surfaces than UK roads and you don't get the silliness at the bottom of hills.

  • All formalities and payments now completed - feeling adrenaline already.

  • ha! Me too but I haven't put in my final number yet as I'm in two minds about what jersey size to buy. Initially, I thought that was really naff but now I want a memento. The numb toes and tingling fingers will only remind me of the experience for a month or so.... a jersey will hang in my wardrobe forever.

  • The jersey is really shit isn't it, but it's only 32 euro, so fuck it.

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Paris Brest Paris 2019 (PBP)

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