Paris Brest Paris 2019 (PBP)

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  • 1000km control scene

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  • Final evening, 24 degrees, no wind, starting to enjoy this

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  • Yes, it's my bike this year and I remember you alright in 2015, actually after the finish I've seen in you in the food shop and waved the hand but you didn't notice. I don't have a computer so had no idea that it was so fast then, looks like I've become much slower in last few years, but anyway with 48x17 against mine 53x16/15 after all you were hours ahead at the finish both times, so that proves another time that gears matter less then attitude. Am I right that you were on TCR with the same 48x17 SS?I'm still wondering how Bjorn managed to do this with the ratio that was announced when he presented his bike for PBP.

  • Damn, shame I didn't notice.

    I've had gears in TCR every time, though I did it with the otherwise same bike.

    Björn said he'd ride 49/19 but I think he said he had some other cogs with him too, when I spoke with him. Downhills would not be too relaxed with that but it is about the same many use around here too for general road riding.

  • Ever wondered what was lost/left at the controls?

    Will stick some photos up in a bit.

  • Don’t suppose there was a pair of brevet mitts there?! Think I left mine at Tinteniac, didn’t have the energy to ask on the way back.

  • Well done on reuniting rider & bike/car. Where did the bike end up?

  • There were quite a few pairs of mitts, I just glanced.

    Bike ended up at the bergerie store of all the lost and found stuff at the start. There were credit cards, car keys, spare tyres and mudguards!

  • Dibs jawbreakers please, and maybe one or two credit cards.

  • Did it in time. Picked the 80hrs for a challenge. The french are lovely. Over slept at brest (or I slept enough) and started behind on the return leg after making good time to brest (33hrs). Managed to finish the first retrun day with a 1 hour in the bag. Slept and started an hour behind while I caught up I got badly dehydrated and fell apart at a cafe after the 1050km mark. I thought I lost my wallet at the last control but I left it in there toliet. Paniked I cancelled my cards after the control told me they could not find the wallet but a french guy persudaed me to carry on. I did. One of the motorcycle riders picked up my wallet and brought it to the dreux control. As I said the french are wonderful. Finished the day without any money due to cancelled card but I finished.

    I am not sure any other nation could pull of a event so well supported by the public as this and it is that that makes it special.

    So a bit under 79hrs with 8 hrs sleep made possible by caffine gum. I did it on a proper randonneur bike too.

    My only gripe where the large number of riders all across the road. Also the number of people who pushed too hard are littered the side of the road to brest on the cold night without a bivvy bag. They would have woken up hypothermic. I hope they were O.K and I am sure the motorcycle riders would have mopped them up.

    The head wind out was horrible but it drop at night and on the second day I stopped noticing. On the way back there was no tailwind that was noticeable and by 6pm the wind switched to a head wind again. The last day there was a headwind again. However it didn't rain and I have ridden in worse headwinds so it was not too bad.

    Back to the french, there relentless enthusiasm for all the riders just kept me smiling and going.

  • We passed each other a few times. Im the guy who lost my wallet but then it was found again.

  • They got my water bottle on that table.

  • Are you uk/london based? Can collect for you.

  • Actually really should organise collecting any uk people stuff.

    Is there anyway you can describe your gloves?

  • Yes, it was pleasure to meet you, glad that it resolved, after all that talking non-stop photographer in cafe was right, I won't forget a picture of you holding the wallet in Dreux talking enthusiastically to French people around.
    That pile of lost & found stuff on the finish was really impressive. BTW, for those who wasn't lazy, there was the last opportunity to obtain Paris/Brest road signs as they had a number of those in the corner

  • Black Rapha Brevet mitts in small. I think someone has nabbed them TBH. I’m pretty sure I left them on my bike with my arm warmers to dry out as they were sort of damp from the night air.

  • I lost a purple merino alpkit base layer. Women’s in size 14, I think. And a little clasp for my Giro helmet, which I doubt anyone would hand in. Lost that at Dreux control.

    I’ve emailed Giro but they say that the don’t sell replacements so I’ll probably have to buy a new helmet.

  • Is it a standard type of strap?
    I cut the straps out of my old crash helmets, so I have bunch of different clips etc. They won't be Giro, but they might fit.

  • Any clip would do. I’ll take a pic later on and see what you think. Much appreciated, btw.

  • Don't forget if you finished in over 88 hours and 55 minutes (as I did), you are eligible to join La Société Adrian Hands.

  • You’d be in good company...

  • I'm two minutes away from this. Thought it was anything over 88 hours. Ffs.

  • Nice write up at the Dotwatcher, I hadn't seen this until now,­aris-2019

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Paris Brest Paris 2019 (PBP)

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