Paris Brest Paris 2019 (PBP)

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  • Not sure yet, though have booked a Travelodge at 320kmish at Scunthorpe for sleep. Probably will head to the start the night before.

  • Yeah it's more of a necessity to ensure pre-registration as I'm concerned the only BRM I've done this year, a 200, might not be enough.

  • I rode to Edinburgh recently following the LEL route which goes through a lot of the Fenland Friends route. Found this part a bit uninspiring and samey tbh. However, a good chance for some further testing so will give it a blast.

  • Where you veggie at the time? Was it ok to get enough calories?

    Ha! No I was still eating meat then.
    On the second day all I managed to eat was about nine ham baguettes! My mouth was agreed from the crusty bread, and the were no other filings, not even cheese or tuna.
    Two reasons.
    I was in the 84 hour group which sets off last. The controls are running out of food by that time so far less choice.
    Also I was trying to do grab and go rather than sit down meals so there was less choice.
    The time before when I was in an earlier group the was far more choice. Still not sure about veggie though: istr I ate fish with rice at almost every control.
    I expect it is getting better now, even in France

  • I was veggie and in the 80hr group in 2015. Enough choice the whole route. Although next year I'll do a mix of eating at controls and buying food from shops. Like @frank9755 says, you'll end up pebbledashing the roof of your mouth from all the baguettes sticking with controls.

  • That's actually the time limit I've got my eye mainly because of the start time really. Apart from the food anything else worth noting about that group?

  • The good thing about the 84 hour start is that you ride more in daylight. Depends on how you approach it, but 2011 I remember being a really dark ride - probably because I rode through two nights, vs only one in 2015.
    Bad things - controls is the main one. Also the start is much more low key. The start was great in 2011, loads of spectators on the way out of Paris, people giving us food and water. Missed that last time.

  • O thats interesting. Riding more during the day certainly appeals to me. Cheers for the info.

  • Have just signed up for Fenland Friends 600 with a view to entering PBP next year. Haven't done a long ride for.. years.. so should be interesting :D

  • Signed up for Fenland Friends also .. gulp

  • Me too.

  • It's really flat so it'll be fine. Just a bit boring I guess. And windy. Urgh.

  • Hmm I can’t do 9th I’m in Ireland, might have to be BGB for me!?!
    Most I’ve ridden recently is 300km. Having done a few 250’s and besides the DD the other week all have been by myself.
    Is a 600 much of a step up and tips..!?

  • I'm still fairly new to Audax so I'm sure others here can give better advise but I didn't find going from 300/400km rides to a 600km too much of a step up. I rode to Edinburgh from London recently and for me it also felt like two different rides as I slept after doing the main bulk the first day. It massive helped me mentally doing more on the first day so when I woke up it was great to know I was over half way through.

  • Also in the Fenland Friends 600.
    Planning on cycling to the start on Saturday morning

  • I’m not even a member yet! Haha
    Ok that was my gut feeling.

  • Is a 600 much of a step up and tips..!?

    Ride in groups when you can - big help vs the wind and also motivation on the flat bits.
    Take extra layers - can get very cold at night. Warm gloves and hat.
    Eat loads
    Otherwise it's just a long bike ride!

    Would like to do it but not sure if I can yet.

  • Have fun doing this Fenland Friends lark. I recently rode 160k from Saffron Walden to Sleaford. Most of it was the return leg of the Flatlands 600 route. MY GOD. It was so flat. Unlike anything I've ever ridden and I've ridden a lot of audax's in Essex/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire. My feet were in agony by the end of it from the relentless pedalling. There is no descending to have a bit of a break, no climbs to allow you to get out of the saddle. I got to my girlfriend's parent's house and was in pieces. I made sure to regularly get out of the saddle on the way back to stretch my legs and also to give my sit bones a bit of a break. It's too easy to fall into the trap of simply sitting there for six hours, smashing away, and then realising that your legs have tightened up a shed load more than they usually would have, due to hardly changing your position.

  • Ta. Yeah still don’t feel I’ve fully solved the glove and hat issue. My seal skins and liners I’d rate as ok but nothing more. Never been much of a hat person.

  • relentless pedalling

    Do u even fixed?

    Dunno how similar the route is to LEL but that's the kind of thing I'm expecting. "East Anglian hills" and all that

  • This, So much this.

    Towns cheering at barriers. And passers-by just repeatedly wishing "courage"

    Not sure I can do it again mind.

  • It's different, though. It's very similar to LEL. I think it was just because it was so boring. I like hills...

  • For those riding FF, where are you planning on sleeping?

  • Scunthorpe Travelodge

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Paris Brest Paris 2019 (PBP)

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