Paris Brest Paris 2019 (PBP)

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  • You'll have the brevet card though!

  • Exactly. I put mine in one of those LP sized frames alongside along with the bike frame number and the little medal (not the big ACP SR medal). Have a similar one for my completed LEL.

  • I thought my post would instigate some audax memento hoarding confessions! I think I'll be sad if I don't have an ill-fitting, boil in the bag jersey to take home.

  • :)

    I do keep a neat stack of brevet cards per season, each stack in its own little plastic bag (the ones they give you at the start to protect the cardfrom rain). And loads of pictures from the disposable camera I lug around. And patches.

  • And I'm going to start sewing my badges on my framebag à la @cgg.

    Edit: patches! yes.

  • I'll be happy with the lumo gilet.

    Only patch I think I've qualified for is the Easter arrow. I live in hope our ride is still being validated.

  • nly patch I think I've qualified for is the Easter arrow. I live in hope our ride is still being validated.

    I understand validation and results usually come out after the summer.

  • Are people taking out insurance and have any recommendations? I just realised my previous policy has expired, and they wont cover PBP anyway.

  • I am currently looking into this.

    Snowcard currently looks like the front runner, about £30 with their "adventure plus" cover. I emailed asking if they covered PBP and they confirmed they would.

    I tried an insurance broker earlier today but the quote they've given me is spendy. Gonna try a couple of other places tomorrow as well.

  • Thanks I'll give them a look

  • Is anyone drive there? I'm slightly confused about what the deal is with parking. I understand there is a car park and have selected a space but I don't know if you can access it any time? I'm starting on the Monday at 5.15 and ideally want to be able to drive in and park that day. Anyone have an idea?

  • Could anybody clarify situation with handlebars? In 2015 I went with bullhorns alright, this year looks like the only new regulation is about tri-bars not sticking out beyond brake levers, but it's hard to figure out whether it's gonna affect bullhorns

  • Hmm, that's a conundrum. On the one hand they are not aero bars. And is the point of no aero bars safety/control?

  • Found some gpx's if anyone that way inclined here

  • Well, I've got brake lever on the end of one bullhorn so safety/control should be OK, probably will put another one just in case, the question is what French people on control will think about that, usually they're very friendly, especially for fixed geared bikes

  • Aero extensions can kebab the rider in front of you if run into him/her, I suppose?

  • I've ended up getting cover with Just Travel Cover - you have to pick option C under hazardous activities (a friend phoned to check) and it was just over £11 for a week's cover for me.

  • This is quite soon, then.

    I'm off to Paris a week today, staying in Saint Quentin on the Friday and Saturday nights (stupidly booked this when we thought the start was the same as 2015, but then they changed it and we didn't get our arses in gear enough to book somewhere closer to Rambouillet).

    I'm feeling alright about everything, I think. It feels like A Big Deal which is quite unlike all the other audaxes I've done. Not worried about the riding bit of it; I know I can do that. It's wasting time at controls / eating enough / sleeping which is making me nervous.

  • Awesome thanks very much, I still haven't sorted anything so will take a look!

  • Enjoy everyone!

  • There is a big carrefor in St Quentin with lots of eatry and shopping options even a go outdoors for bike stuff.

  • Is everyone sorted for places to stay?

    I will be in a house Maurepas from Monday on so any problems there are available beds and storage space.

  • I wonder if that could be an option to leave tent and some other stuff for a time of event?

  • Yes, can collect from the start and redeliver it back.

    Message me and we can arrange something. Will be there from tomorrow.

  • No! Have totally overlooking the planning of this. Want to book a coulpe of hotels/bnbs en route but seems to be nothing available anywhere.

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Paris Brest Paris 2019 (PBP)

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