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  • I guess I'm a sucker for unusual bike frames. The weirder the better. So you can imagine I couldn't resist to put in an offer when I came across this Boo Cycles frame on Ebay US.

    The plan is to build it up with a Campagnolo Athena groupset and Zonda wheels. Still have to find an affordable fork that works with 1 1/8".

    The frame will be arriving next week. The frame is from 2010, so fingers crossed bamboo is made to last...

  • I would say you'll be fine as long as its not become too dry. Bit of humid is good for it. They use it as scaffolding in Hong Kong and other asian countries so I'm sure you'll be fine.

  • Frame has arrived!

    Description said "Wear consistent with normal regular use" which made me think the frame would maybe look worse than in the pictures (when I ride a bike for 8 years it looks pretty roughed up). Luckily in this case the frame even looks better than in the pictures.

    Still on the lookout for 1 1/8 inch fork. This is turning out to be a pain in the ass, as it seems these are becoming something of a rare item nowadays.

  • I’ve got a couple hanging around if you’re interested, though most of the steerer tubes might be too short for you.

  • I bought a Storck Race SL fork yesterday, but I am not sure if the shape works with the frame. My plan is to strip it down to bare carbon and clear coat it. Might look better then.

    @Acliff I need an almost uncut fork (29+). I would be very interested in hearing what you might have in that length.

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  • Don’t think I have anything that long...

  • Have a colombus tusk fork. Will check when home later this week but it's somewhere between 25-30 I'm guessing.

  • After several hours of razor blading, sanding and polishing I got the Storck fork back to bare carbon (as wel a 3T Doirc LTD seat post). The fork features UD carbon which matches the carbon used on the frame nicely. With the white color gone, the shape of the fork goes very well with the frame. So I won't need another fork after all. I plan on giving it a clear coat in the near future but not until I ride it first.

    Build is mostly finished. Only waiting for a couple of small bits and pieces.

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  • Aside from the bar tape the bike is finished. Next step is to fit a rear rack, so I can fit some panniers for my commute. I already bought a Tubus Fly rack and I am hoping it will fit in between the quick release without using adapters.

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  • loving this, what size is the frame?

  • I took the bike out for its maiden voyage on Tuesday. The ride was something of a revalation. Vibration damping is absolutely amazing. Handling is also top notch. Plan on trying it out in a crit next week.

    @BlackMath: Actual top tube is 58cm, so effective probably somewhere around 60cm.

  • How is this one going?

    Thinking of taking the plunge with a bamboo bike for spring

  • Very well actually. I used it for my weekly 100k commute through some pretty rough weather and it is holding up just fine. Comfort is a really next level, so overall I am really happy with the bike.

  • This is getting a new coat of clear, so I am currently sanding it down.

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  • This is ace to see

  • Everything is ready for clear coat.

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  • different rims?

  • Looks amazing built up, will it be decal free once refinished?

  • I did consider having some decals made, but decided not to in end. This is already taking much longer than I had hoped and I really need to his on the road ASAP.

  • Those are for another project I am doing.

    The wheels and groupset will be changed for low profile DT Swiss and Ultegra 6800.

  • It’ll look super clean without decals, even less to distract the eye from the bamboo

  • That is what I am hoping for. Guess a lot depends on wether I did the prep work right.

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Boo Cycles bamboo bike

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