Cairo to Cape Town - big talk

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  • The idea of packing the job in and cycling Cairo to Cape Town has been spinning round in my head for good a while. I'm not sure it would be the right thing for me to do right now, I've spent minimal time researching it, and quite frankly, I don't think I've got the balls for it...

    BUT.... has anyone done this and would they be prepared for me to chew their ear off about it over a beer?


  • nobody thinks they've got the balls to do this kind of trip before doing it.
    discovering you have the balls comes through doing it - and thats why you should do it

  • Something about it doesn't sit right with me. Someone with the financial comfort to be able to not work goes and essentially dicks about through some of the most impoverished places on earth.

    But that's just the opinion of a stranger on the internet who's never been there.

    Go and work for free at a Foodbank instead.

  • Feel free to tell me to fuck off by the way.

  • Totally valid opinion and in part agree with you. I've had the same thought about many people doing other similar things. Is it a total no-no?

    (I am fortunate enough to have the financial comfort to take a break but I'm not loaded. I'm 36, still rent a basement room in London, will never be able to own my own place down here. Own a couple of bikes, a few clothes, and some CDs and guitars).

  • Cool, have just ordered. Thank you

  • Watch Long Way Down if you can find it, Ewan Mcgregor and Charlie Boorman, they did John O'Groats to Cape town, on motorbikes, but their route went via Cario I think, might help to see it rather than read so you'd know your terrains etc.

  • I’m genuinely curious, have you never traveled to somewhere less socio economically developed than where you live? Or is it from doing so your opinion is formed?

  • Why work in a food bank instead of putting your money into an impoverished economy?

  • Hmmmm. Maybe a bit of both. I think it's more the 'pack in my job' aspect of the OP's plan.

    Travelling anywhere is fine - whatever - but it seems like this is a bit of a 'fix myself' trip.

    Sorry - I'm on mobile right now but can provide a more considered response tomorrow.

  • Thanks, it's on amazon, I'll check it out. I've seen some of Mark Beaumont's brief trip.

  • I think it's more the 'pack in my job' aspect of the OP's plan.

    Travelling anywhere is fine - whatever - but it seems like this is a
    bit of a 'fix myself' trip.

    Any more assumptions you want to make about me?!

  • Out of curiosity why starting in Cairo?

  • Just because it spans the continent and I know it's a popular route. Could start from London I guess but it would add time and expense.

  • How do you get through or bypass South Sudan?

  • More likely via Ethiopia then Kenya, but I'm not sure, not looked into it enough. Partly why I wondered if anyone had done it. If it's too problematic I wouldn't attempt it.

  • I'm only going on the last (10?) years press reports,
    vague memories of Michael Palin's 'Pole to Pole'.

  • I retract my assumption but I'd be interested to know why you're doing this now (i.e not for years ago and not in five years for example)

  • My mate went via Ethiopia, and I've travelled round there too (because, well, poverty tourism ftw) - main roads are surprisingly good, but once you're off them, it is mainly dirt tracks. Outside of Addis, most roads are pretty empty - I was mainly running on the side of the road, and never once felt endangered by the traffic. Very lumpy, unsurprisingly.

  • i hitched from malawi to tel aviv
    kenya and south is nice and easy travelling, the northern countries are a bit harder, ethiopia eritrea sudan and into egypt
    sudan is such a big country you'll avoid the south / warring area by crossing into eritrea at kassala which is about half way down sudan

  • Marc Beaumont’s ‘Africa Solo’ well worth a read.

  • In Spanish:­iaje/

    This guy (you might remember him, the one that got shot/granade shelled in Pakistan) cycled around the world and I seem to recall he particularly loved Africa.


    this picture sums up africa so well, such a good photo

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Cairo to Cape Town - big talk

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