Stolen in Glasgow, whilst I was in an ambulance.

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  • I was cut up and taken down by a driver today and had to be seen to by EMT's in an ambulance. Whilst I was in the ambulance getting checked out, my bike was stolen from the roadside. (Police report made.)

    If anyone see's it, please let me know.


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  • Scumbags

  • That's really shit.

  • Mate that is shit. Will keep my eye out for it for sure.

    Where did it get stolen?

  • Christ, that's grim. Fingers crossed you get that back, and you aren't hurt.

  • Fuckers. Will keep an eye out.

  • fuck me this is low

  • I would try and claim your loss from the driver that hit you if the accident was their fault, hope yr healing

  • Just outside Crosshill station. So Govanhill area.

  • The driver left the scene. The police are saying it will be hard to trace them, but they are going to try.

    I'm sure I saw them hanging around whilst I was still regaining my breath, but they left the minute the Ambulance showed. They never introduced themselves to me.

  • Thanks,

    I got off really lucky with injury. Just a few scrapes and bruises. Ribs are a bit sore still, but nothing too serious.

  • Shit bud, I've spotted you around before. Heal up quick, will keep an eye out.

  • I got the bike back!!

    It wasn't stolen, it was taken by nurses who helped me at the scene of the accident. They took it into the train station next to the crash for safe keeping. Thanks to an article in the Sun, I was recognised by the guy who works in the station and he me the bike back!

  • Good ol' Glasgow!

    Great News!!

  • YAS!! Brilliant news. See you on the roads in Shawlands soon.

  • @GGMike in that case I think I just followed you into Regent Street Lane and took a photo of you as I thought you were said bike thief.

  • Damn these paparazzi

  • I did wonder why you looped round haha. Thanks for looking out.

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Stolen in Glasgow, whilst I was in an ambulance.

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