Tour De France 2020

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  • kind of sunweb to lead out the peloton

  • Bennett was dropped off at the perfect time for the very short final headwind sprint.
    Sunweb providing perfect leadouts for other sprinters again...

  • To be fair, Morkov led Bennett out perfectly.

  • Bless ‘im

  • wth is bernie eisel on about

  • Totes emosh

  • greipel 6th, an age handicap should mean he gets the stage

  • Absolutely, Morkov wouldn't have been able to drill it until so late if Sunweb hadn't burnt off most of their 7 riders in the run up. 25-50 metres sooner, Ewan would have pipped him to the line.

  • Oh not this again

  • mr christopher froome esquire (#nonicknames) reckons roglic will tail off in week 2/3...­soU

  • I see Marc Hirschi moved up one place in the young rider classification. Good news for @Sumo and his bet.

  • at this point I'm hoping for mass disqualifications to get me that £500

  • did he cut this with a knife and fork

  • TDF spoiler from a 'suggested ad' on fb. I don't follow any cycling stuff on fb, thought it was a safe scroll.
    t h u m b s u p

  • Bless Sam Bennett, what a little sausage.

    This was one of those stages where it seems like the riders' experience was really different from the fans'. Looked great, some exciting moments, but probably a sketchy nightmare to ride in.

  • Has Froomedog (sorry @fizzy.bleach ) forgotten last year's Vuelta then?

    Also, no, I didn't watch the video, in case the title takes his words out of context, which would ruin my already tepid joke, so.

  • I don't think as a fan you'd have enjoyed the stage any more than a rider apart from being pleased for Bennett (and having an armchair, natch).

  • Ben Lowe, who runs Veloviewer, said on Twitter that this stage had seen the most waymarkers being added to the route by the teams, which is their way of marking hazards for the riders. It did look like there were some interesting route choices.

  • Youch.

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  • Île de Ré seems to be infested with sharks...

  • that'll t-cut out.

  • Loving TDF2020 - Feel the race is really open, week two and the points and GC times are open to anyone in the top 6. Great stuff and plenty of racing and controversy to go.

    Hope Roglic has what it takes to take it to Paris. Viva le Tour!

  • I'm not a massive fan, but would like to see Bardet have a successful tour. Looks like staying under the radar is working for him.

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Tour De France 2020

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