Tour De France 2020

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  • He wears crocs too

  • i mithered euskaltel for close to a year about providing landline services to my home in stockport but they didn't want to know.

    long and short of it was i ended up funding anti-separatist politicians to the tune of around 80 quid, so be careful what you wish for, sponsors!

  • Thanks, should double check my sources.

  • Divesting from, or controlling the ads of companies that directly harm and kill people is common. We got cigarettes out of formula 1. Betting sites in football are being ( slowly) brought under control. Using public pressure to stop the promotion of these deadly vehicles has precedent.

  • And well known sportspeople are increasingly becoming aware that they have a platform and what they promote is noticed by their followers, for good or ill.

  • I use caffeine shampoo.

  • On my crotch.

  • I've heard of shampoo.

  • I ride 1*11 in homage to that team that did it last year. I also don't mechanic my bike properly so I can have FSA shifting skills.

  • Best place to stream/watch live? I’m getting a second screen in my home office.

  • ITV player if you’re in the UK.

  • The annoying thing about ITV player (and this is a petty gripe) is that they don't have the highlights show on catch up until the next day. So if you miss the 7:30 broadcast (or 8 or whatever it is) that's it.

  • Good news for @fizzy.bleach - Geoffrey Soupe confirmed in the Total-Direct Energie team for the Tour.

  • Is it soop? Or soopay?

  • His name is literally Jeff Soup. Hop c'est parti!

  • Toopay is what.

  • There isn't an accent is there?

  • I dunno. I can't hear text.

    (I can't see one anywhere, I'm also fucking thick with languages)

  • Was the first week always due to be so hard or have they changed the order of the stages because of Covid? It looks brutal.

    I’ve never paid so little attention to a cycling season. No idea which sprinters are in form or whether there’s even been enough racing to tell.

    Suppose it’s Bennett v Ewan v Viviani with Greipel and Sagan there or thereabouts.

  • I think there is only one proper sprinters stage and a few others that might work (but probably won't). All for teh climbers this year.

  • Wasn’t much hope for Cavendish even if he was selected.

  • Nope, this is the route they presented last October, so no changes due to Covid.

  • watching the itv preview.

    when you mentally say 'jumbo visma' do you say 'yumbo'?

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Tour De France 2020

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