Tour De France 2020

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  • Thomas should be pretty motivated in a few weeks

  • From that performance I would suggest they already have it, and are awaiting tests tomorrow.
    Jumbo way too strong, unless PR falls off, this looks like a done deal.

  • Their last stage win in a GT was Froome’s Giro epic in 2018.

  • this climb looks amazing

    Ha ha ha ha

  • With Bernal and Pogocar, no?

    Dave has probably already made enquires

  • Porte has said this is his last tour as a GC leader and has already signed to a different (unnamed) team as super domestique (rumoured Inneos).

  • ITV said he was going to Ineos during today's commentary.

  • Such a shame porte kept crashing. In 17/18 tours he would have been a serious rival to Sky.

    Reckon he could podium this year, particuarly as he is a better TTer than most of those ahead.

  • There's a lot of racing to be done before we get to the TT.

  • Putain!

  • Love to see at interview with Brailsford asking him if he thinks he's made the right team selection.

  • Rumours Higuita was driving

  • Just caught up. WVA ripping it to shreds then falling back to sit on Bernal was outrageous, he's for sure picked up something right? Or has he said somewhere post race that he's done his best numbers and the others are just flying again?

  • Said he has to accept others are better than him and he has no excuses, proper sad, hope Ineos have a good sports psychologist

  • Apparently it was Thomas on Alpe d'Huez, 108 grand tour stages ago

  • Whats the beef with cycling news and ineos they realy dislike the team for some reason.

    It's a British website, so has the usual response to British winners - i.e. hatred. I stopped reading Cycling News a long while back.

  • Wout Van Aert is a monster.

    This. In 'The Good Old Days' I could justify my slothful progress on climbs on my weight. As a Canadian friend said 'You climb pretty well for a big guy' - i.e. you're not too slow for a fat fucker. I'm only 2kgs heavier than WvA though, so that excuse is out of the window.

  • I guess you don’t put out 480w for 20 minutes and drop Columbian climbing goats?

  • Funnily enough, I don't. 320W for 20 minutes in my prime. At the moment I'm struggling to crack 3 figures. Well, not quite, but almost. Certainly nowhere near 400W, and definitely nothing in excess of that.

    Still, National Champion for my age group in 2019 over 12 hours. No-one can take that away from me...

  • I think it has been long enough between posts to restate how shit the new oversize sunglasses fashion is

  • Amen to that, brother

  • Or is it that the rider's faces keep getting thinner?

    I think the Oakley Radar / Jawbreaker should be the largest they need to be.

  • perhaps they need another rule. I mean when there is a rule regarding sock length then surely sunnies are next...

  • big shades look miles better than the early 00s matrix/shermantor cack

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Tour De France 2020

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