LFGSS "Warm Showers" - accommodation for cycle tourists

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  • I'm not sure if this exists on the forum already, but I've UTFS and I can't find anything so...

    I'm currently a member of Warm Showers, an app that allows cycle tourists to find other cycling friendly households that may be able to put them up for a night or two when touring. I thought it may be useful for forumites to have a thread for the same purpose, so....

    I live just outside of Bath on top of a big hill in a place called Monkton Farleigh. The hamlet has a pub that's open 5 days a week and nothing much else! I have a spare room with a double bed and plenty of space for bikes. Also I'm a mechanic and have plenty of tools for bike fixing things. Not too far off National cycle route 4 and the Wiltshire Cycleway.
    Forumers welcome to stay for a night if you happen to be passing. Happy to feed you something vegetarian for dinner and breakfast with a little pre-planning. Just drop me a PM!

    Does anyone know if theres a way we can populate a map with our rough locations to use for easier browsing?

  • No thread as such but this chap in NE scotland


  • This is a great idea -- I know google maps has this feature.

    I only know because I've been following this fruit trees of cambridge google maps, and I believe there are multiple contributors.


  • Not setup on Warm Showers yet, but always happy to host LFGSS in Aberdeen.

  • Same (when house is back roughly in one bit)

    Even when it’s not, you are welcome to the garden, outbuildings and downstairs bathroom.

    In Perthshire near Pitlochry on NCN Route 7 and near Route 77.

  • Just north of Gloucester in a little village called Upleadon.

    Have a guest area above the garage, a double bed and another double mattress, central heating and bathroom. As used by @Emilia and chums on their joggle New Years ride in 2017/2018. Full bike workshop in the garage, outdoor bike cleaning with hot and cold water.

    Not available again until next year as we are currently doing loads of building work and we have had to relocate into the room. But 2019 hit me up.

    Can feed vegetarians or meat eaters.

  • Somewhere completely different:
    Regensburg, in Southern Germany.

    @Heldring stopped here on his world-trolling tour. Have couch, shower, basic bike tools and a nice city to visit.

  • Regensburg is very pretty! Definitely worth a stop.

  • https://abnb.me/dyDDIcB2yP

    Heavy LFGSS discount. :)

    Add your lfgss name in the booking request

    You can bring your bike up into the flat rather than the stair or outside (horror)

  • Nice one.

    I'll take you up on this when I'm in town for some of the Audaxes starting there. Was hoping Fri 31 August, but looks like its already booked.

  • Away at a wedding that weekend. If you arrive Thursday I’d be around to welcome you.

  • Thanks for the offer. I'll have work on the Friday, so would probably be down on the train Friday evening. I'm up in Aberdeen.

  • Can we do the same for liftshares? Eg. I regularly truck from S London to Canterbury and for shared fuel would happily share between York or a bit further and London. I don’t do that very often but will twice in the next 2 months.

  • Been hosting warmshowers guests for some years now. Always positive and inspiring.

    If you're doing the North sea cycle route or just in the Stavanger area of Norway, give me a shout.

    I'm a bike mechanic with a workshop, so if your aluminium rack cracks (sigh) or something else, I've got you. Always tubus in stock.

    Beware of cat.

  • Can confirm @Murphys_Law is not a serial-killer psychopath :)

  • Amsterdam, NL. Give me a shout and I might have a couch, company and shower for 1-2 lfgssers. Otherwise also available to hang out or to go cycling in the area

  • Renovation work complete. So there is space if anyone wants a place to stay just outside Gloucester drop me a message.

  • First post - and I only stumbled upon this forum because I found some cool stuff on cargo bikes here... but anyways, if anyone needs a place for a night in Whitby, our family welcomes all cyclists...

    No silly, not THAT Whitby! The one outside Toronto - in Canada. You can find us on Warmshowers - there's only 2 host families in town.

  • London. Double sofa bed available to trusted forumers. @Tijs had a lovely stay.

  • Can confirm. Warm showers and hot meals.

  • Ditto. We're on Warmshowers in Norwich. Spare room, sofa bed, plenty of room for bikes, a well-stocked kitchen, cute chickens and encyclopaedic knowledge of all the best pubs.

  • a well-stocked kitchen

    I'm on the way over...

  • Bring beer. And codeine..

  • Ooh, cocktails!

  • Subbed. I'd be happy to host in Manchester but my other half maybe less so, so lots of warning needed

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LFGSS "Warm Showers" - accommodation for cycle tourists

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