Under chainstay U brake advice

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  • Some advice about this would be much appreciated.

    I have an old '87 stumpjumper that I love, but it has under chainstay U brakes.
    They're annoying to adjust and get clogged up with mud (not that I've given it much mud action recently). They also hit any ring over 42t.
    What I want to do is remove them and graft some canti mounts on the seat stays, but is this safe?

    I know it's not designed to have cantis but I figure with these older bikes it doesn't matter as much as it's essentially tough old gaspipe. Will the U brake mounts be safe to have lopped off and filled? Better to leave them on? Bearing in mind I won't be doing any of this myself - I just wanted to see if the idea was pie in the sky before I gave a framebuilder a ring.

    Many thanks in advance.


    Thanks @laner for the photo

  • I’ve just dropped a frame to Stayer cycles to have exactly this done. He said it was fine.

  • Is it worth it for how much its going to cost to have done and painted?
    Small chainring 1x, wide range cassette is what I'd do

  • @PhilDAS
    How much you reckon it'll cost?
    Not gonna get it repainted, just want the cantis.

    It's a 6 speed and cassette choice is very, very limited.

  • That's good to know, cheers

  • He quoted £45 to add new rear canti mounts + remove old ones.

  • Sounds reasonable.
    Will just he chop off the U brake mounts and sand down?

  • Did you get new cable guides too?

  • Yeah I wasn’t bothered about aesthetics so no paint finished, no filling on the u brake and I’m going to run a v brake so will just use zip ties.

  • Needing new cable guides is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a shiny new Mapp torch.

  • Last time I welded something was in 2008, and it wasn't pretty.

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Under chainstay U brake advice

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