Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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  • Was there a tandem or did I imagine that?

  • Shona and rich from keep pedaling. But shona got sick, banged her head and got concussion so they withdrew.­26/srmr-the-short-version/

  • This is immense

    (But the image might be tiny)

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  • That bike is fucking cool, but this:

    In true Guitar Ted tradition please note that we spend our own damn money on these products and were not paid, nor bribed, to use any of this stuff or give our opinions. We buy and use this stuff because we believe from our own trials and tribulations that it’s the best for purpose, not because we’ve been given it

    comes across a bit salty. Shame they couldnt finish though. Would be nice to see them back next year to compete

  • Lael shared her post-race too. It was also a good read.

  • I wonder if some kind of softail would be good.

    Like this maybe? 60mm travel. Kind of a softtail...

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  • Seems like one more thing to go wrong for only 60mm of travel? That said I don't think I saw anyone scratch because of suspension issues. Need more people riding lefties

  • Like my colleague who finished tour divide with no mechanical issues? Surly with a lefty for the win!

  • That said I don't think I saw anyone scratch because of suspension issues

    I kinda got the feeling that few were riding FS bikes. Probably because of the lack of frame space for gear. Could be wildly wrong though.

  • There was at least one chap who scratched after his fork failed.

  • When was it last serviced? Could you not just run a dead fork on the bump stops to the finish?

  • Dunno, and based on his experience, no (he did try).

  • Just came to bump this thread up and say dotwatching this years edition will be alltime! Some of my favorite ultralight racers will be participating like @Samuli @skinny and Sofiane among other.

  • Go well forumers

  • @Samuli @skinny and Sofiane among other

    who will sleep first 😁

  • I think @Samuli is already sleeping in some of the hills approaching the Kegety pass 😀

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  • Hah yeah, that Kegeti is no joke. Well, the south side, which is a climb in the race, is rather hilarious. Pretty much washed out for the last couple of kms, a narrow path on the wall of loose rocks.

    What a lovely place to ride this is though. Have spent a few nights camping around, acclimatising, but it will be breathtaking for someone living at sea level.

    First picture is the south side, second the north of Kegeti.

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  • that would be interesting in the dark / wet.

  • Looks like they repairs South. Was a scree sope last time.

  • Yeah there's parts where you can't really see where the trail is supposed to be but I was too busy to take a picture. It was kind of ridable going down though, for someone who doesn't fear hurting themself too much.

  • Sweet. See you soon.

  • It seems to rain every day in the afternoon at some point up there, with some thunder if you're lucky.

  • This is as close as I'll be getting.

    Good luck, dudes!

  • This’s definitely my premier dotwatching of the summer. Good luck Skinny and Samuli!

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Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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