Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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  • Good thing is that if there is something wrong then he's a few km to the checkpoint.

  • Yeah I can’t understand what would make him go backwards unless he needs something that he knows is only available at the controls? Skinny was close to the top of that mountain and the town on the other side looks pretty big so some chance of sleep and a simple resupply there.

    My only other thought is the conditions. In other races skinny has shown himself to be [sensibly imo] more risk averse than some other riders so perhaps it’s horrendous up there and he deemed it safer to backtrack and wait it out?

  • Maybe forgot his wallet.

  • Not looking good - speculating based on the 'replay' function on the tracker it looks like he got in the control car to the previous town where the checkpoint is? I know that leaving the race route you have to return at the same point, presumably any vehicular support is considered a scratch?

  • Looks like that. His dot is showing at another part of the town also, not the CP. Hope we get an update.

  • Not showing as a scratch though, which you'd have thought the control car would know about if it had happened. Fingers crossed...

  • Disc brakes:

  • According to the map he's stopped here so you might be right.

  • Shit. Skinny back at the town by CP3, control car with Lael and Jay.

  • Tandem pair is Shona and Rich, they have a great bike shop in Manchester mentioned upthread. Shona hit her head in the hotel and seems mildly concussed maybe, they were naturally gutted. Back in the UK now

  • He's stopped at a loan agency. The premise was that he'd lost his wallet so he's gone back to the previous town to take out a loan to buy supplies.

  • With hindsight, we could have easily managed to make it around the course if we had ‘come-out-racing’ from day 1. But it seemed to us, that this required a commitment to ‘race’. There would be no time for chai stops with local families, riverside picnics and swimming, no time for relaxed camping with freshly brewed coffee every morning.

    This is infuriating. Don't enter a fucking race if you want to make Super 60 films about your coffee beans.

  • I've just read through this entire thread in one go and it's been great. What superb efforts all round.

    Fingers crossed for @skinny that he can be back on the road soon and that this isn't a major issue.

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  • I hope he’s ok.

  • Hope for good news in the morning.

  • That's an odd message to post

  • They say he’s safe I guess that’s all that matters

  • Glad he’s safe. Hope he can continue.

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  • While mainly hoping that James is ok, this does, at least, remind us that he is actually only human, not a machine programmed to prevail over all competition in these events! If he goes no further, he's shown that he has made the jump to being at the top of off-road racing in his first year.

    The race is as interesting as ever right now. The three leaders are on the big climb to the next high pass. There is a gap of 8-9km distance between both Jakob and Lael and Lael and Jay, but that is not the full story as there is also a vertical gap of about 900m between each pair.

    It's very close. I'd expect experience to prevail. Would probably go for Jay as he has most of it, has done this route before and showed how tough he was last year. Although having done it before might be a disadvantage that makes him back off slightly. I don't know!

  • Massive shame for skinny but I guess this demonstrates how destructive even small mistakes/mechanicals can be for races like these. Has anyone thats there actually confirmed why he had to go back?

  • Nothing on Twitter, Insta or FB yet. Just "an incident" and that he is safe.

  • Attempted robery, apparntly!
    from pedaled facebook:

    While climbing the Kadzhi-Sai canyon section of the route, James was stopped by two horse riders with dogs. Without going into details, James quickly realised the situation was not friendly and things escalated fast into an attempted robbery. James was eventually able to get away from the two horse riders by descending back the way he came. The incident has left James a bit shaken, he will take some time to consider next steps. This is sadly an isolated incident in what is a wonderful country. Photos @rugilekaladyte. @ Kyrgyzstan


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Silk Road Mountain Race (SRMR)

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